A Brief History of Us 

We are family from Jyväskylä, Central Finland. Our history has always included dogs, big and small.

My love for dogs started with black Pugs. We had two of them in my childhood home. Nurkkaniemen Mustamiliisi, our grand old dog died at 1988 at age of 13. At that same year I moved in my own home and tried to live "normal" life, a life without a dog. Secretively dreaming about Doberman.

Nurkkaniemen Mustamiliisi

Sinna and Veikka at Child & Dog competition

Susa & Debi

At 1992 I got my first Doberman Golden Gazeau Debi. She was a wonderful personality, who has taught me a lot about dogs in general. She has also taught to our Sinna what is loyalty and what it means when you just have to be patient. We had to give our dear Debi up at September 2003 because of cancer. At 1993 I got another Doberman bitch, Dufas Mirelle. She was totally different character than Debi: relaxed and easy-going. We had to give her up at April 2003 at the age of 10. She had a cancer and problems in pancreas. We still mourn a loss of our great Dobermans. My heart will always belong to this wonderful breed.

I have been position of trust in many dog associations and have been working in arranged committee of Jyväskylä International Dog Show since 1996, being the president of the show at 2008, 2010 and 2012. I am Finnish Kennel Club's authorized Ring Secretary. I have passed Finnish Kennel Clubs The Breeders examination (part I and part II) and Dog Show judge basic course. I have passed Finnish Kennel Clubs MH-test officiel cource (C and B -levels) at 2008. I got my Kennel-prefix, Didaktic's, at 1993.

I have masters degree in education and economics. At the moment I work as Customer Service Manager and Project Manager in big global IT-company.

Pertti's interest has been Australian Kelpies since 1990, when he got "Donna", INT & FIN & EST CH, EuW-91, ESTW-93, FINW-96 Bestseller Ran Tan Plan. Pertti and Donna have made history in many ways in Kelpie-field. Pertti has breed two Kelpie litters under prefix: Swingtails. Donna died at 31.10.2004 at age of 14 years and 8 months.  Donna will live in our memories and through her offspring. Donna's descendants include many beauty, working and agility champions.

I have got this kelpie passion from Pertti. Since spring 2004 our family has enlarged with another Kelpie, FIN & EST CH, FINW-05, ESTW-06 Bestseller Domino, "Venda", who is foundation bitch of Didaktic's kelpies. Venda is very beautiful and pleasing bitch. Easygoing and true familydog.

At November 2006 Venda gave birth to Didaktic's first Kelpie-litter (Didaktic's A-litter) with seven beautifull puppies.

We are so lucky to have extremely good and active co-own homes to our kelpies. That is the only way for us to be able to breed kelpies and give all our breeding dogs normal and active life.

Pertti has collected very extensive Kelpie database, where is all Kelpies in Finland; their pedigrees, health results and so on. Other Pertti's "hobbies" are hunting and photographing. Many of his pictures are published in dog-magazines, newspapers and on the Internet.


Pertti and Donna ice-fishing

CH Didaktic's Arana

CH Didaktic's Cosmopolitan

Here we live

Miniature Pinscher is our latest interest - since 2002. It has the same noble looks than Doberman, but in a small size. We have had enormous luck with our first MinPin, "Veikka", INT & FIN & DK & EST & S & NORD Ch, JWW-03, KBHV-03, AMSTW-04, FinSg A'Dreams Black Thunder. His character is so good: self-confident and obedient. He is a dog with excellent nerves. Yet he is sooooo good looking. I am so glad to find out that his good qualities have passed on to his offspring. Veikka's ofspring includes INT CH, S CH, N CH, FIN CH, LTU CH's; CACIB, CAC winners; Lithuanian Winner 05, ISPU Junior Winner 2004 and JugendsiegerBerlin 2006 and Agility Champion! Veikka has distinguish himself also in agility. He has competed in the highest class (AGI-3) of agility.

MinPin bitches living in our family are "Veera", A'Dreams Black Orchid and "Wiwi", C.I.B & FIN & EST & DK CH EST J W-07 ESTW-07 KBHW-09, WW-10 Aurra Sing Wicked Witch.

Veera has beautiful outlooks and excellent character. Her biggest merit is her character test with +204 points! Veera is my shadow and guardian angel!

Wiwi is our biggest diva and a star. She comes from interesting combination of two outstanding INT champions and we are so proud to be able to have her in our family. She started her show career by being BOB and BIS-3 puppy. Not a bad start at all! Like one judge said to us - she is full of show attitude. Wiwi has made MinPin history in many ways but her biggest merit could be BIS-1 in Finnish Schnauzer-Pinscher Specialty 2009 and World Winner 2010! Wiwi competes highest class in Agility (AGI-3).

Susa & CH Didaktic's Xcalibur

Veikka, Veera and Wiwi in a park at Luxemburg, summer 2006.
From the left: A'Dreams Black Thunder, Aurra Sing Wicked Witch
and A'Dreams Black Orchid

I bred seven litters of Didaktic's Miniature Pinschers. At 2013 I gave up all our co-own MinPins and desiced to stop breeding MinPins. Wondeful breed but I just couldn't consentrate to both Kelpies and MinPins at the same time.


Dogs are our way of life. Our hobbies are travelling, sometimes with M/H Arska, horse back riding and sailing with S/Y Tropic.  

We have got life long friendships and lots of never-to-be-forgotten moments through our dogs. 

We got several excellent pictures from Salme Mujunen who photographed Susanna and dogs for Finnish dog-magazine KOIRAT 4/2013

Susa with Ceri


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