Herding at Mårtensby 11.-13.7.2005

One of the main point to our Swedish-Tour was to be able to test our Australian Kelpie Venda (Bestseller Domino) with sheep. We wanted to know if Venda has her natural drive to herd left. Ewa Myrbrink, Kennel Evallen's, has done a marvellous job trying to preserve Kelpies natural herding instinct. We visited few days at AFAV herding camp and we saw many great Kelpies and their owners. Trainer on that camp was herding-guru Johan Gustavsson.

Testing took place at round fence where was about 10 sheep and our instructor with Pertti and Venda. From the very beginning Venda knew exactly what to do. It was amazing to see how the dog changed when she found out "the meaning of her life". She got more self-confident and calm. This was very important experiance to us. Now we know that our Venda has a strong ability to herd and we also found the importance of this drive. Now we can go on with Venda's mating plans. I think we even found a future father of Venda's kids from that camp :-)

Ewa, millions of thanks to you and your family! We can see that our friendship and co-operation that started from Emil many years ago will go on and on. We appreciate your long experience and knowledge about Kelpies and want to hear and learn more from you.

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