Tuusniemi Group Show 20.2.2005
Judge: Leif Ragnar Hjort, Norway

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Junior Class

EXC1 BD3 Denwest Hot Stuff
VG2 Rowan Alleys On My Mind
VG3 Sainen Get Out
VG4 Denwest Bizarre Bean
G Efkerias Yehor
G Great Iitas Here I Come
S Pint Unigum Jachon

Intermediate Class
S Of Leijliden Superboy
S Pongo

Open Class
EXC1 BD1 CAC BOS Suniloxi Vieteri-Ville
EXC2 BD2 res-CAC Humblepup Willy Boy
VG3 Denwest Vicious Victor
VG4 Humblepup Warlord
VG Bonzers Very Well
G Humblepup Victor
S Humblepup Fabulous
Abs. Rowan-Alleys Mister Maggyver

Junior Class

EXC1 BB4 Sainen Thunder Angel
EXC2 Humblepup Caramel
G Denwest Beloved Bee

Intermediate Class
EXC1 BB2 CAC Greatmans Lucky-Lips
EXC2 BB3 res-CAC A'Dreams Black Orchid
DISQ. Humblepup Aurora
Abs. Rowan-Alleys Now Or Never

Open Class
EXC1 Rämpsän Oikku Oona
VG2 Humblepup Little Girl
G Iines

Champion Class
EXC1 BB1 BOB Kleiwesen Petit Nonparell

Veteran Class
EXC1 BOB-vet. Humblepup Emile Wind

Sainen Thunder Angel

Great Iita's Here I Come

Sainen Get Out

Greatman's Lucky-Lips

A'Dreams Black Orchid

Rämpsän Oikku Oona

Kleinwesen Petit Nonparell

BOB and BOS with judge Leif Ragnar Hjort

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