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Born 27.6.2006
2 b&t dogs
3 b&t bitches

Didaktic's Donatello

"Esko" with his owner Reetta.
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Didaktic's Diva To Greatman

"Kerttu" with her owner Pia
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Didaktic's Dea Dia

"Demi" with her owner Susanna
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Didaktic's Dolce Vita

"Pinja" with her owner Satu
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Didaktic's Da Vinci

"Viksu with his owner Meeri"
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4½ weeks

The Didaktic's Dream Team


Da Vinci

Dolce Vita

Dea Dia

Diva To Greatman

4 weeks

1. male

2. male

1. bitch

2. bitch

3. bitch

3½ weeks and fist time outside

3½ weeks and fist time outside

3 weeks of age

16 days of age

13 days of age. Eyes are opening.

13 days

9 days

5 days old

At morning 27.6 Maisa didn't want to eat anymore. Sinna was spending day with her and when I get home from work she was a bit restless. Around seven I found out that soon there will be delivery. She was trying and trying. All I saw was a puppy’s back leg. After a while I helped Maisa to deliver this first puppy. It was a big boy. After two hours the whole Didaktic’s D-litter was born. Here are birth times and weights of each puppy:
1. male, 19:45, 190g (no-marked)
1. bitch, 20:03, 140g (no-marked)
2. bitch, 20:32, 190g (right-marked)
2. male, 21:21, 200g (left-marked)
3. bitch, 22:04, 180g (left-marked)

D-litter 5 days old

1. male

2. male

1. bitch

2. bitch

3. bitch


Puppies only couple of hours old

First puppy came out 19:45 and it was a boy

Second puppy was a girl

Third puppy was a girl ...

... and soon there where five awsome puppies


54 days from first mating

Maisa 50 days from mating

Sire to this litter, A'Dreams Black Soldier, "RINO", comes from an equal litter that has super characters and marvellous outlooks. At age of 1 year Rino had entered into three shows and has got three CAC! One of the CAC came from our Special Show 2005 (over 70 entries), where he was The Best Male and BOS! So far he has 7 CAC and 3 x CACIB. Rino is excellent size of 30 cm. Rino is very open and easy going charracter with MinPin typical temperament.. At MinPin Speciality Rino was the Best b&t dog.

Dam of this litter is our young "MAISA". She has excellent appearance, nice temperament and stabile nerve structure. Maisa is a daughter of our INT & Fin & Dk & Est CH, JWW-03, KBHW-03, WA-04, FinnSG A'Dreams Black Thunder. This will be Maisa's first litter. The main target for this combination is to produce good mentality with breed typical outlooks.

Both parents have been examined in eyes and knees and proven healthy!

This litter is line breeding to the FIN CH, JWW-98 Babit Beit Hamaayan (4,0%). She is the top producer of high quality Black & tan MinPins in Finland. Coefficient of inbreeding for this combination is 8.17% (counting with five generations).

Proud parents: Greatman's Marvelous-Mae and A'Dreams Black Soldier.

FIN & LTU CH, FinJW-05
A'Dreams Black Soldier

Greatman's Marvelous-Mae

eyes 0/0, knees 0/0
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eyes 0/0, knees 0/0
More about Maisa

A'Dreams Black Soldier
(5 x FIN CAC, 2 x LTU CAC)
Onda's Vero Proprio
(3 x FIN CAC)
Fin CH
Agabelle's Heartbreaker
Onda's Signorina Bella
Fin CH, JWW-98
Babit Beit Hamaayan
INT & Isr & Rus & Hun CH, ViceWW-98
Vlak Me Beit Hamaayan
Zatuta Me Beit Hamaayan
Greatman's Marvelous-Mae INT & Fin & Dk & Est CH, JWW-03, KBHW-03, WA-04, FinnSG
A'Dreams Black Thunder
Fin & Est CH
Shagrir Me Beit Hamaayan
A'Dreams Black Queenie
(2 x FIN CAC)
Greatman's Godlike-Gina
FIN & EST CH Bombastic Sexy Saint
Specious Enchanting Vamp

A'Dreams Black Soldier
11 months

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