Tampere INT 19.3.2005
Judge: Erica Thomas-Howe, Australia
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Junior Class

EXC1 CAC BOS Kelmi Ahkera Antti
VG2 Bestseller Da Capo

Open Class
VG1 Bestseller Zorom-Noo

Champion Class
VG1 Bestseller Zívago

Junior Class

VG1 Bestseller Domino

Intermediate Class
EXC1 BB4 Callicoma Serenade

Open Class
EXC1 BB1 CAC CACIB BOB Foxforest Hell's Fire
EXC2 BB2 res-CAC res-CACIB Bestseller X-File
VG3 Spectre Oaks Serene
VG4 Bestseller Zulu Lulu

Veteran Class
EXC1 BB3 BOB-vet. Bestseller Ärripurri



BOB and BOS with judge Erica Thomas-Howe.

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