Tuusniemi Group Show 6.2.2005
Judge: Jouko Yrjölä

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Iitin Tiltun Joukahainen





Puppy Class, dog
1 HP BOB-puppy Iitin Tiltun Joukahainen
2 Pindogin Kermit the Dog

Junior Class
VG1 Logobon Black Ivory
VG2 Denwest Hot Story

Intermediate Class
EXC1 BD4 Crazy Cowboys Troublemaker

Open Class
EXC1 CAC BD1 BOS Pindogin Hercules
EXC2 res-CAC BD2 Crazy Cowboys Playboy
VG3 Crazy Cowboys Original Onyx
VG4 Kivilompolon Kenzo

Champion Class
EXC1 BD3 A'Dreams Black Thunder

Veteran Class
EXC1 BOB-vet. Hopplös Huligan

Junior Class

EXC1 BB3 Mamacoma's Dellarosa
G Crazy Cowboys Whitney Houston

Intermediate Class
VG1 Agabelle's Penelope
VG2 A'Dreams Black Orchid
G Crazy Cowboys That's Terrific

Open Class
EXC1 CAC BB1 BOB Humblepup Rose In My Love
EXC2 res-CAC BB2 Pindogin Heather
EXC3 BB4 Kivilompolon Isadora
VG4 Crazy Cowboys Rain Or Shine
G A'Dreams Black Elite

Logobon Black Ivory

Crazy Cowboys Troublemaker

Pindogin Hercules

A'Dreams Black Thunder

Fürstenborgh Hopplös Huligan

Mamacoma's Delarosa

A'Dreams Black Orchid

Humblepup Rose In My Love

Pindogin Heather

BOB and BOS with judge Jouko Yrjölä

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