28.12.2005 We would like to thank all our friends and partners as well as all the judges who have appreciate our dogs at year 2005. It has been interesting year! As a result of 2005 we have got one International Champion and one Finnish Winner 2005.
Our year 2006 will start with great puppy expectations since we will have litter in both of our breeds. We will send our best wishes and lots of patience to all you wonderful people who are waiting Didaktic's puppy to be born at 2006! We are in this journey together ... enjoy the ride!

27.12.2005 Veikka's kids from Kennel Greatman's have got their own websites with new 5-week-old pictures. We proudly present: Greatman's Ozzy-Ozbourne, Own-Ophelia, Owners-Opal, Only-One and Olé-Olé.

21.12.2005 We all from Kennel Didaktic's want to wish MERRY CHRISTMAS to our friends all over the world! This year instead of sending Christmas Cards we have give a donation to Animalia (Federation for the protection of animals).

19.12.2005 Great way to end this succesfull year 2005: we proudly present our new FINNISH WINNER 2005 Bestseller Domino, Venda.
Read more.

15.12.2005 Puppies after our A'Dreams Black Thunder are expect to be born to Kennel Cherrybombs, Sweden. We had Bella and Ellen here with us for a couple of days and we had such a fun!

13.12.2005 We spent super nice weekend in Stockholm at Swedish Winner Show. Our Veikka won Open Class and finally he became 3rd Best Male out of 80 MinPins. In addition to that Veikkas father, Shagrir Me Beit Hamaayan was 4th Best Male, BOB-veteran and Shagrir's daughter, A'Dreams Black Enigma was 2nd Best Female - not bad at all!

From left A'Dreams Black Thunder, Shagrir Me Beit Hamaayan and A'Dreams Black Enigma

Thanks to all our Swedish friends - it is always so nice to come over. You made us felt so welcome!

9.12.2005 Veikka's kids to Kennel Greatman's are now four weeks old. Puppies got names. Take a look.

8.12.2005 A new picture of Allamigoz "dude-quartet" at age of two days.

6.12.2005 Last night four fine boys was born to Kennel Allamigoz (Sweden) after our Veikka. Proud dad and the rest of us congratulates!

Newborns with their mom - Pärlan

5.12.2005 Veikka's kids have been active in Sweden last weekend. Exigor's Rambo in Black debuted in puppy show being second best male puppy. Elsewhere Rambo’s littermate, Exigor's Ruslana In Black, was Best of Breed puppy out of four MinPin puppies. Congratulations!

3.12.2005 Intresting puppy plans out of our Veikka (A'Dreams Black Thunder)

25.11.2005 Our Veikka's and Aune's puppies are now two weeks old.

21.11.2005 MinPin results from Jyväskylä INT. Veikka was awarded with excellent and replaced 3rd in champion class among 11 champion males. He was also in victorious breeders group of A'Dreams that was replaced Best In Show-2. More results here.

19.11.2005 Jyväskylä INT Show. Our Kelpie Venda did great again by being EXC1, BB2, CAC, res-CACIB. Read more.

18.11.2005 Veikka's kids at Greatman's are now one week old. Picture of young ones.

13.11.2005 Super news from Norway! Veikka's son Exigor's Rocky In Black debyted in a show being BOB-puppy and BIG-2 puppy. Congratulations Unn and Rocky!

12.11.2005 New picture of Veikka's beautiflu daughter in Norway, Exigor's Rikke In Black.

10.11.2005 Kennel Greatman's O-litter born last night. Our Veikka is the proud father of five newborn beautiful kids.

5.11.2005 Puppy-plans after our A'Dreams Black Thunder.

3.11.2005 We proudly present our Veikka's son: A'Dreams Black Braveheart, "Bono"

31.10.2005 New picture of Veikkas magnificent son Sainen Get Out, "Napoleon".

31.10.2005 More good news! Last weekend in Norway our Veikka's kids Exigor's Royal Romeo In Black and Ruslana In Black where shown at 2 day CAC show, Puppy Class 4-6 months (judges: C. Rossier and M. Levente). Results where VP1 with HP for both kids in both days. Congratulations!

Royal Romeo and Ruslana

31.10.2005 More INT CH on the way? Look at the puppies-site

30.10.2005 Super news from Hungary! Veikka's daughter Maya (Greatman's Lucky-Lips) did it: INT CH at age of 2 years and 4 months. We are so proud of this super-girl and we want to congratulate Pia and Marie-Louise about this victory - well done girls!

25.10.2005 There will be no puppies after our Maisa at this time. We will mate her again at February 2006. More information about our puppies - here.

24.10.2005 Last weekend was again a great weekend for our Veikka's kids. At Seinäjoki two-day-show "Maya" (Greatman's Lucky-Lips) scored jackpot: She was Best of Breed in both days!
In Sweden debuted Exigor's Ruslana in Black her show career being Best of Breed Puppy with excellent critic. Congratulations to Annette and Ruslana!

18.10.2005 Our Maisa has arrived to us. A bit over two weeks to go before we can expect puppies to be born. New pitures of Maisa (Greatman's Marvelous-Mae) added.

From left Maisa, Veera and Veikka

9.10.2005 We have been on vacation from shows and all dog-activities for a while. Weathers has been favourable to us! Walking in the woods with our dogs is the best thing I know. Only a week and then we will get Maisa joining us. Hopefully soon we will aloso get little puppies into our house - for a long time.

4.10.2005 We had very nice visitors from Kennel Allamigoz, Sweden. Miia and Helen - it was great to meet breeders who are so devoted to the breed. Thank you for nice long corversations and sharing up ideas about this wonderful breed. I hope you will get lots of lovely puppies.

3.10.2005 Puppies after our Veikka are expected to Kennel Agabelle's. Very intresting combination - read more.

1.10.2005 Utrasound verified - Maisa is with puppies. Black and tan puppies expected to be born at week 43!

29.9.2005 New picture about Veikka's kids: Exigors Rambo In Black and A'Dreams Black Barbar

21.9.2005 New pictures about our Raisa and Veikka's kids Exigor's Ruslana In Black and Exigors Rocky In Black.

17.9.2005 Our little Raisa, Duvinal O'Hara Optimara scored a jackpot by being Best Of Breed puppy and BIS3-puppy at Special Show in Tallin, Estonia. Big thanks to Arja (Kennel Baron Wolf) for showing our Raisa there.

15.9.2005 More new pictures about Veikka's kids. Now we proudly present, magnificent: A'Dreams Black Braveheart. I am sure we will hear more from him in the future.

14.9.2005 New pictures about Veikka's kids: Great Iita's Here I Come and Exigors Rikke In Black

10.9.2005 Our Veikka (A'Dreams Black Thunder) passed today Finnish Charracter test (LT) with super result with 187 points. Only Veikkas grandfather Onda's Orecchiuto has got higher points from that test. Read more.

7.-8.9.2005 Mating has happened! We had nice visitor overnight from Kennel Greatman's. Now we all are waiting for intresting litter to Kennel Greatman's.

4.8.2005 Veikka and I entered into our first official Agility competition. It was a lot's of fun. New Agility-page added.

3.8.2005 Today we went to special vet to have some eyes and knees checked. Eyes checked with Biomicroscopy and Ophtalmoscopy. Results where good:
Veikka eyes 0/0 (healthy), Veera eyes 0/0 (healthy) and knees 0/0 (healthy), Venda eyes 0/0 (healthy) and knees 0/0 (healthy).

31.8.2005 Eventful weekend! We had welcome visitors from Holland: Bianca Smits with one of her males, Wesley van Majoris Donk. We all spent a nice time with Marika and Vili (Kennel Aurra Sing). We entered a couple of shows and our Maisa was mated with Wesley. It was so nice to really get to know Wesley. He is a super-boy with excellent looks. We truly hope to get little puppies out of that combination. Bianca and John: we are so thankful that you let us use Wesley! I hope that you all will come to Finland again soon. Marika and Vili thanks for you hospitality and truly good food ;-)

31.8.2005 Intresting puppyplans at Kennel Greatman's. Read more.

31.8.2005 Picture of Veikka's daughter, Sainen Hatha.

24.8.2005 We published our becoming Kelpie-litter. Read more.

22.8.2005 We were at Sweden participating Special Show for Australian Kelpies. Read more resuts here.

18.8.2005 Our Maisa (Greatman's Marvelous-Mae) has started her season. We hope to get puppies at week 43 from very interesting combination.

15.8.2005 Our Russian princess, Duvinal O'Hara Optimara, "Raisa", started her show career being Best of Breed -puppy at Riga, Latvia.
At the same time in Finland this was also great weekend for Veikka's kids: in Kajaani, Great Iita's Guardian Angel EXC1, CAC, BOS and in Valkeakoski Sainen Get Out EXC1, CAC, BOB. Congratulations!

7.8.2005 Super weekend at Joensuu. On Saturday our Veikka was BOS and got his last CACIB to become INT CH. At Sunday Veikka was BOB. Huge thanks to Marja-Leena, Veikka's breeder for this wonderful dog. He is so special! Thank you also to all our friends who have encourage us to go on. Our Venda-kelpie did great on Sunday by winning Best of Breed. Read more results here.
Like father like daughter :-) At Saturday Kristiinankaupunki Show Veikkas daughter Greatman's Lucky-Lips finnished her FinnSg-title with BOB and Best in Group 3. Judge was MinPin specialist Reijo Latvala.

5.8.2005 Veikka's puppies to Kennel Exigor's has got their own pages. New picture about Veikka's kids Greatman's Magical-Macy, "Vilma" and A'Dream's Black Bentley, "Arttu".

New pictures about the father of our coming litter; Wesley van Majoris Donk. (Click the link under Wesley's picture.)

1.8.2005 Results from Pori Show

New pictures about our Maisa, Greatman's Marvelous-Mae

16.7.2005 Nivala INT. Our Veikka's daughters took first and second place! Best Bitch and Best of Breed with CAC and CACIB was Great Iita's Guardian Angel, "Mimmi" and Best Bitch 2nd with res-CACIB was Greatman's Lucky-Lips, "Maya". Congratulations!

16.7.2005 Last night we arrived home from our Swedish-Tour. Over a week time we travelled about 2500 kilometers and got thousands of new experiences. We met Veikka's new kids at Kennel Exigor's and had so nice time there. Thank you Annette and Bosse for your hospitality. We participated two shows at Sweden. On monday we drove to Mårtensby to Kennel Evallen's. We got a chance to test our Venda-kelpie with sheep. It was super to found out that she has the original drives left. Look at the pictures. Thank you Ewa and Pyzze for that opportunity and all your advices. Later on that week we visit kennel Allamigos and met Veikka's becoming partner - Pärlan. Mia and Helen, it was nice to met you and I have a feeling that this frienship will go on in the future.
We want to send our warmest thanks to all our Kelpie and MinPin friends in Sweden. You made us feel so welcome there. You are great!

7.7.2005 New pictures about our Raisa
and Veikka's kids Arttu, Tessa and Kessu.

3.7.2005 Two days ago Veikka's first litter (Greatman's L-litter) had their second birthday and today we got super news from Hyvinkää show: Veikka's daughter Greatman's Lucky-Lips (Maya) EXC1 BB1 CAC BOB and FIN & LTU CH!
We want to congratulate Maya's owner Marie-Louise and Pia. I also wan't to say my huge thanks to Maya's breeder, Pia, who had and eye and faith to young Veikka and had enough courrage to use him even he was very young.

Greatman's Lucky-Lips

2.7.2005 At Tuusula Show participate two of Veikkas ofspring in Intermediate Class with nice results: EXC2 BB4 Greatman's Lucky-Lips (dam: Great iita's Ace To Greatman) and EXC2 BD4 Sainen Get Out (dam: Sainen No Excuses). Judge was Rony Doedijns, Holland. Way to Go Kids!

22.6.2005 Puppy pictures from Sweden.

19.6.2005 Agility results and pictures From Finnish Championships 2005.

Saarijärvi Show: Maya again BOB :-) Judge: Soile Bister. Super Maya!

Puppy news from Sweden: 6 beautiful puppies born today to Kennel Exigor's after our Veikka and Exigor's Outstanding Onessa. Read more.

12.6.2005 Närpiö. Our Veikkas beautiful daughter Maya again BOB and 10th CAC!

Super news from Pieksämäki Show: our Veera (A'Dreams Black Orchid), EXC1, BB1, CAC and the Best of Breed!
Read more.

8.6.2005 New pictures about Raisa

28.5.2005 Leppävirta, our Venda-kelpie, Bestseller Domino was EXC1 BB1 CAC BOB!

24.5.2005 Today our long waiting ended. Our new team member Raisa arrived home safely. I want to thank you Svetlana for trusting this beautiful girl to us. Huge thanks also to our dear friends: Ilona, Alexei and Svetlana. Your help and friendship means us more than words can describe! Thank you all! You can read more about Raisa from her own web-site

23.5.2005 Last weekend Veikka's daughter "Maya" (Greatman's Lucky-Lips) and her owner Marie-Louise Björndahl was competing Agility at Vaasa with great results. They moved up to highest class, MINI-3! In the near future we are allowed to expect Maya to finish her Agility Championship.

23.5.2005 4.5.2005 We have puppy plans to kennel DIDAKTIC'S! Read more.

18.5.2005 Last weekend we visit Estonia Winner Show. At the same time Veikka's son Sainen Get Out was competing here at Jyväskylä Show with great result: EXC1 CAC BD2. Congratulations Napoleon, Laura and Marko!

Puppies born to Kennel Sainen after A'Dreams Black Thunder and Sainen Takata.

8.5.2005 Veikka's daughter Maya (Greatman's Lucky-Lips) continues her success. At Oulu Show she was EXC1 BB1 and The Best of Breed. Judge: Tor Björn Skaar, Sweden. Results.

4.5.2005 We have puppy plans to kennel DIDAKTIC'S! Read more.

24.4.2005 Today at Lahti INT Veikka was sooo close to finish his INT CH. But not this time ;-) His result EXC3, Best Dog 3. More results here.

Coming more Nordic co-operation: puppies planned to Kennel Allamigoz (Sweden) after our Veikka.

Great news from Kankaanpää Show: our Veikka's son Sainen Get Out EXC1 BM1 CAC and BEST OF BREED!
Congratulations Laura, Marko and Napoleon!

14.4.2005 We had pleasant visitors from Sweden: Exigor's Outstanding O'nessa was mate with our A'Dreams Black Thunder. Puppies expected at Kennel Exigors.

5.4.2005 Our Venda-kelpie celebrates her 1 year birthday today.

26.3.2005 Lilla Stockholm
Veikka's daughter "Maya" CAC CACIB and BOS at Stockholm INT. Another CACIB at the same month :-)

21.3.2005 Puppies after our Veikka are expected to Kennel Sainen.

20.3.2005 New pictures about our Maisa

19.3.2005 Pictures and names of A'Dreams B-litter.
Take a look ...

5.3.2005 Great news from Lithuania: Veikka's daughter Greatman's Lucky-Lips is new LITHUANIAN WINNER 2005 and LT CAC, CACIB. Congratulations Maya!
All results here...

20.2.2005 Results from Pori Show.
Only Veera was with us and got EXC2 BB3 res-CAC. CAC went for Veikkas daughter Greatman's Lucky-Lips, "Maya". EXC1 and Best Bitch 4 was another Veikkas daughter, Sainen Thunder Touch, "Raisa". She was at her first show. Way to go Raisa!

20.2.2005 New pictures about Raisa, Napoleon, Maya and Kessu.

18.2.2005 New picture about Veikka's and Baron Wolf Royal Dreams kids at age of one week.

9.2.2005 Puppies... This morning 5 beautiful puppies where born to Kennel A'Dreams after our Veikka and Baron Wolf Royal Dreams. Read more...

7.2.2005 Veikka's daughter, 19 months old, ISPU J SG 04 Greatman's Lucky-Lips has nominated 3rd in MinPin of the year competition. Way to go Maya!

6.2.2005 Results from Tuusniemi Show.
A picture about "Sylvi" a moment before labour.

2.2.2005 New pictures about Anastasia, Angel, Afrodite and Adonis.
If you are an owner of A'Dreams Black Thunder's offspring, please contact us. We are eager to know how Veikkas kids have been turn out.

1.2.2005 New pictures about our "Maisa", Greatman's Marvelous-Mae and Veikka's son Akatora, "Aksu"

22.-23.1.2005 Agility, Kemi
"Maya" has competed again in Agility, Mini1. This weekend she had six trials and she did them with great results: 3 times clear track and LUVA. Maya won her class twice and four times she was 2nd. We are so proud of you ;-)

16.1.2005 Ljubljana, Slovenia INT
Greatman's Lucky-Lips, "Maya" got today another CAC from Slovenia. Maya was ECX1 CAC. BOB was Tyson di Kristianden and BOS Joker Show Ataka. Judge: Alfonso Thovar y del Solar from Spain.

15.1.2005 Ljubljana, Slovenia INT
Greatman's Lucky-Lips EXC1 CAC. Judge was Giulio Bezzecci, Italy. BOB was Slavjan Ivan Tsaervich and BOS Greta Dell'Alto Fondale.

9.1.2005 Kajaani International Show
Veikkas daughter Greatman's Lucky-Lips started her show-year with excellent result: EXC1 CAC BB2. More results...
The day before she attended her first official Agility competition MINI-1 beeing 3rd with the fastest time.
Congratulation Maya and Marie-Louise!


New picture about Veikkas magnificent son, Great Iita's Here I Come

Venda BOB-puppy in Helsinki Winner 2004 Show

Veikka BOS in Amsterdam INT and he got new title: Amsterdam Winner 2004

New addres and new lay-out . Pages are still under construction, but will be fully working by the end of 2004.

13.11 KelpieNet added

23.10 Veikka's offspring had a super weekend:
Seinäjoki INT
BOB BB1 CAC CACIB Greatman's Lucky-Lips
(dam: Great iita's Ace to Greatman)
BD3 CAC Great Iita's Here I Come
(dam: Greatman's Exiting-Evita)
BOB-puppy Sainen Get Out
(dam: Sainen No Excuse)