26.12.2006 Didaktic's Aquila (5½ weeks) is looking for a home. If you are looking for quality kelpie for work and show here he is.

5½ viikkoisista kelpienpennuistamme vapaana vielä Didaktic's Aquila, "Lenni", käyttöön ja näyttöön. Luonteeltaan Lenni on temperamenttinen, erittäin avoin, rohkea ja miellyttämisenhaluinen. Tule tutustumaan Lenniin ja muihin pentuihin.

Didaktic's Aquila

23.12.2006 We thank all of you who remembered us with lovely cards and gifts. Instead of sending cards we have made donation to University Animal Hospital and hope that it can be help to those who really need help.

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten
and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

12.12.2006 Kelpie-pennut täyttivät lauantaina kolme viikkoa. Yksi reipas ja vahva poika vielä vailla omaa, harrastavaa kotia. Lue lisää pentueestamme.

Our kelpie-litter is now three weeks old. One strong and open male puppy is looking for good and active home. Read more about the litter.

Nap after dinner

4.12.2006 Last week Didaktic's D-litter had their 5 month birthday. Congratulations kids!

Didaktic's Donatello, 5 months

25.11.2006 Our Kelpie-litter had their one week birthday. Read more about the litter.

Didaktic's A-litter

23.11.2006 Available two male puppies (Australiankelpie) from our 18.11.2006 born A-litter. Read more.

21.11.2006 New picture about our Veikka's beautiful daughter in Sweden, Exigor's Ruslana In Black

20.11.2006 Didaktic's Australian Kelpie litter A was born in 18.11.2006. Seven beautiful puppies!

At Jyväskylä INT Show 18.11.2226 our Veikka's son become Finnish Champion! Congratulation to Napoleon and family and to Napoleon's breeder Anna-Mari!
More results.

16.11.2006 Venda is celebrity!
Today Finnish newspaper, KESKISUOMALAINEN, published an article about our Venda and her coming litter. They will follow Venda's litter starting today untill puppies are ready to move into their new homes. There is live web-cam and weblog (only in Finnish) where you can read what is going on with Venda and her puppies. This morning Venda was in good shape and her temperature was normal. Now it is 58 days from her first mating. I don't think we will have any puppies today.

12.11.2006 Today it is 54 days from Venda's first mating - and she realy feels and looks like it. Read more about our coming Australian Kelpie-litter.

Venda 54 days from first mating

10.11.2006 Puppies after our Veikka where born to Kennel A'Dreams. All puppies are reserved. Read more about the litter.

29.10.2006 Super good news from Norway! Our Veikka's son Exigor's Rocky In Black finished his Norwegian Champion title today only at age of 16 months. Rocky is bred by Annette Person, Sweden and he is owned by Unn Blikeng, Norway. That is what we can call Nordic co-operation :-)

N CH Exigor's Rocky In Black

23.10.2006 Ultrasound proved - Venda is pregnant! At least six puppies where seen in ultrasound. Puppies are expected to be born in the middle of November.

Venda as a puppy

22.10.2006 New N CH! Our Veikka's beautiful daughter Greatman's Lucky-Lips is now also Norvegian Champion.

14.10.2006 What a beauty! I got new pictures about our own breeding , Didaktic's Diva To Greatman, "Kerttu". What a body, head, type and bone. I just can't wait to get her into showrings. Kerttu is owned by Pia Koivukoski, Kennel Greatman's.

Didaktic's Diva To Greatman, 16 weeks

12.10.2006 Yesterday "Pinja" and "Esko" visit us. It was so nice to see our puppies developped so nicely! New pictures about Didaktic's Donatello and Didaktic's Dolce Vita

9.10.2006 At Oulu we met a puppy from Pertti's last Australian Kelpie litter, INT & FIN & RUS CH, INT & FIN & S Agility CH, S (HOPP) AVA, FIN Obedience CH, JK1 Swingtails Sheep's Eyes. Cisy is already 11 years but her movements and spirit was like young dogs. Cisy is owned and trained by Mari Kaplas. Thank you Mari for taking such a good care of this precious girl and we hope that you two will have many more years to come.

Mari, Cicy (Evallen's Chocolate Emil - Swingtails Shy Wallaby) and Pertti

On Saturday our Veikka's daughter Maya (Greatman's Lucky-Lips) was 2nd Best Bitch at SSPK Speciality (judge: Marja-Leena Kurvinen) and on Sunday Maya was Best of Breed in Oulu INT SHow. Judge was Soile Bister!

7.10.2006 At Oulu INT Show our "Venda", Bestseller Domino finished her FIN & EST champion tittle only at the age of 2½ years. Now it is good time to start her "maternity leave".

27.9.2006 Better late than never...
At 19.9 got our Veikka's daughter "Lucy", Cherrybombs Lucky-Lou I Love U, 1HP and BOB-puppy with tittle "Västkustens Vackraste Valp 2006". Judge was Svante Frisk. Grattis Anne och Ellen!
New picture about 13 week old "Kerttu", Didaktic's Diva To Greatman.

24.9.2006 Our Veikka's magnificent daughter "Maya" Greatman's Lucky-Lips passed her charracter test yesterday with good +125 points. Congratulations to Pia and Marie-Louise! New pictures about our Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch) and our breeding and future hope Didaktic's Donatello.

Didaktic's Donatello, 13 weeks

22.9.2006 Finally at home! We spent marvellous week in Sweden. We got huge amount of knowledge about herding and we met old and new friends. The most important of it all we mated our Kelpie-Venda. We would like to thank you Solveig for all your effort - perhaps next time! To Ewa we would like to send a big hug - thank you for all your help. It is always so nice to come over there. We are so proud that we have had this possibility to co-operate with you for all of these years.

Didaktic's DeaDia, 12 weeks

New pictures about our breeding: Didaktic's DeaDia and DaVinci and our Veikka's daughter Exigor's Rikke In Black.

19.9.2006 Greetings from Sweden! We are still on the road, but we needed to break out the good news: Our Kelpie-litter is on the way. Didaktic's Australian Kelpies are expecting to be born at week 47. We will put more stories and pictures when we will arrive home...

15.9.2006 Our Veera's son Diego (A'Dreams Black Kaptain) and his family visited us yesterday. New nice pictures about Diego.

12.9.2006 New tittles to our Veikka's offspring: VDH Junior Champion & Jugend Sieger Leipzig 2006 Exigor's Ruslana In Black. Congratulations to Ruslana and Annette - well done!

9.9.2006 "Love is in the air". Our Venda-kelpie started her heat and she will be mated next weekend in Sweden. Our Veikka has a girlfriend (A'Dreams Black Status) here at home. MinPin puppies are expected in Kennel A'Dreams. More about these litters you can read from our Puppies-site.

6.9.2006 Yesterday our D-litter had their "10-week bithday" New pictures about Donatello and Diva To Greatman.

Didaktic's Donatello, "Esko", 10 weeks of age

3.9.2006 This time good news came from Sweden. Our Veikka's daughter Exigor's Ruslana In Black was EXC1 BB1 CAC and BOS! Ruslana was shown in Öland and the judge was Åke Cronarder, Sweden.

30.8.2006 Great news came from Norway! Our Veikka's offspring has done super good in many fronts, now in Norway Pinscher Speciality Exigor's Rocky In Black JUN1/1 CK BM2 and CAC (storCERT), judge: Christiane Lafay, France and on Sunday CAC-Show Rocky renews his results by getting his third CAC (there he was also second best male). Rocky is now missing one CAC and one month more age to become Norwegian Champion - Unn and Rocky: we are waiting for that! Five puppies out of six in that Exigor's R-litter after our Veikka have been examined from their eyes and knees and all are healthy!

Unn and Rocky in Norway

26.8.2006 We do not just want to talk about our good characters - we want to prove them! Official character test in Hankasalmi, judges: Irene Puputti and Hannu Pitkänen. Today it was time to test our adult bitches MinPin Veera and Kelpie Venda. Both passed the test with flying colours. Veera did also MinPin history by getting the highest points (+204) that MinPin female has ever got in official test! Thank you Marja-Leena for this precious girl she is as rare and special as only Black Orchid can be.

A'Dreams Black Orchid, "Veera"

21.8.2006 Super eventful weekend behind. We where at Tallinn, Estonia participating Estonia Winner Show 2006 and Special Show for Miniature Pinschers. Our Wiwi débuted in show ring and she scored the jackpot! Thank you Marika for this gorgeous lady. Our Venda-kelpie scored jackpot as well being BOB with new title "Estonian Winner 2006". Read more from results.

FINW-05 ESTW-06 Bestseller Domino

Significant news came also from agility: our Veikka's daughter Greatman's Lucky-Lips achieved Finnish Agility Champion title at age of 3 years. Maya was fifth MinPin ever to get this title in Finland. Congratulation to Marie-Louise and Maya work well done - what a team!

First of our Veikka's offspring was charracter tested at 20.8. Sainen Get Out, "Napoleon" passed test with flying colours points +135.

16.8.2006 Our puppies had their 7 week birthday and travelled into their new homes. Read more.

9.8.2006 Today we took new pictures about our beautiful D-litter and every puppy got their individual site.

30.7.2006 More good show-news keep on coming. Veikka's son A'Dreams Black Bentley was shown in Kotka, judge: Nina Karlsdotter, with result: EXC1 BD1 CAC BOS. Only three dogs out of 10 got EXC. That was Arttu's 4th CAC. In that same show BOB-puppy was also Veikka's offspring, Greatman's Olé-Olé. Congratulations to you both!
A'D Black Bentley with his tallented young handler

29.7.2006 Veikka's daughter Maya (Greatman's Lucky-Lips) is now new DK CH! Yesterday at Denmark INT Show she was 2nd best bitch with CAC, judge was Stefan Sinko and today she was also 2nd best bitch, judge today was Vera Hübental. Congratulations Maya, Pia and Marie-Louise! At Haukipudas, Finland, Maya's full sister Greatman's Owners-Opal was BOB-puppy, judge Leni Nousiainen.

Our boys have got their names - individual pictures from all puppies will come as soon as we know who is who :-) Look here.

Didaktic's Donatello

25.7.2006 Our "Dream Team" is now four weeks old.

23.7.2006 Pleasant show news Yesterday from up north: at Kemnmaa show Helge Lie was judging MinPins. Veikka's kids did again a great job: BOS-puppy Greatman's Only-One and BOS Greatman's Lucky-Lips. I also got super good picture about Veikkas son, who is living up there: Greatman's Like-Lightning - wow what a handsome guy. Too bad his owners havent shown him!
Today at Mäntsälä show Veikka's son A'Dreams Black Bentley CAC and BOS! Horst Kliebenstein was judging. Congratulations to you all!!!

Greatman's Like-Lightning

17.7.2006 Our Raisa's becoming fiancé, A'Dreams Black Ace was BOS in Helsinki Show last Saturday - Way to go Rooney!

13.7.2006 Our Wiwi is now six months old. Thank you Marika for this outstanding girl! She is everything and more than we ever wanted: beauty, brains and 100% energy.

Wiwi at 6 months of age

9.7.2006 We are sooo proud of our Veikka's offspring ...
First of July debuted two of Veikka's kids in SSPKs Boråsutställning in Sweden. BOB-puppy was outstanding Cherrybombs Hey Go Go Lucky and his sister Cherrybombs Lucky-Lou I Love U was BOS-puppy. Congratulations to breeder Ellen and owners of these fine kids - way to go!

Cherrybombs Hey Go Go Lucky

Yesterday in Salo Dog Show Veikka's son A'Dreams Black Bentley was EXC1 BM1 and the Best of Breed. Congratulations to Arttu and family.

A'Dreams Black Bentley

8.7.2006 New pictures about our Raisa. Thanks Marika & Arja!

Duvinal O'Hara Optimara

5.7.2006 New picture about our Veikka's son Greatman's Macho-Mac.

3.7.2006 All puppies are reserved.
Kaikki pennut ovat varattuja.

Next reservations we will take to our 2007 coming E-litter.

2.7.2006 Our D-litter is now five days old. New pictures of each puppy.

1.7.2006 Our Veera continued her show carreer after the puppies. Read more.

30.6.2006 Our Puppies are now three days old. One male puppy available.
Pennut ovat nyt kolme päivää vanhoja.

Didaktic's DaVinci, Donatello, Dea Dia, Dolce Vita and Diva To Greatman

27.6.2006 Didaktic's D-litter is born!

2 black & tan dogs and 3 black & tan bitches! Mum and puppies are fine :-) Here you can see more information about the litter.
Didaktic's D-pentue on syntynyt. 2 black & tan urosta ja 3 black & tan narttua. Äiti ja pennut voivat hyvin! Lue lisää pentueesta.

26.6.2006 Weekend is over and Maisa is still in one piece. Tomorrow it will be her 60th day and I have a feeling that soon is the time...
Veikka's kids have done great again in shows all over Scandinavia: in Norway Exigor's Rikke In Black was EXC1 BB1 CAC and BOS and her littermate Royal Romeo In Black EXC1 BD2. Congratulations to Norway! Here in Finland Veikka's daughter Greatman's Own-Ophelia debuted in puppy class being 1HP and BOS-puppy - great start!
Finally we have put here some pictures from our Euro-Tour - take a look.
Here are also other new pictures: our Veera's son A'Dreams Black Kaptain and pictures about our Wiwi with her litermates.

21.6.2006 We are living exciting times. Maisa’s delivery is getting closer and closer. She is now 54 days from her first mating. Let's see if she can hold her puppies over Midsummer weekend.

More good health results for Veikka's kids: Exigors Rocky In Black has also healthy eyes and knees!

New pictures about our Veikka's succesful kids who debuted in our Speciality Show with great results: Greatman's Ozzy-Ozbourne, Only-One and Olé-Olé.

20.6.2006 Two of Veikka's kids have had eye and knee examination in past weeks: A'Dreams Black Bentley and Exigor's Ruslana In Black - both of them had healthy eyes and knees!

18.6.2006 Home sweet home - but what a super nice vacation! We arrive home last night. A lot has happened here in Finland and to us on the road. I will try to update some results and create pictorial diary from our trip as soon as possible. We travelled seven countries in three weeks and we met lots of nice people and beautifull places on the way.
On the way home we pick up our Maisa. It is still two weeks to her delivery but she is getting BIG.

Our Maisa - Greatman's Marvelous-Mae with puppies

10.6.2006 We are still on our vacation in France but good show news keep on coming... Two of our Veikka's kids have done super fine in their first shows:
5.6 debuted in Norway Exigor's Rocky In Black with result of 1/1 CK CAC BOB and on top of all that Best In Show-4. Big hug and congratulations to Rocky and his family!
Today in Helsinki there where Special Show for MiniaturePinscher's. All Veikka's kids did fine but shining star today was (at her first show): Greatman's Only-One. She was in puppy class 1 HP BOB-puppy and Best In Show puppy. Congratulations to Ninja and her family - great start! BOS puppy in that show was also Veikka's puppy, Greatman's Ozzy-Ozbourne.

Greatman's Only-One
Speciality Show BIS-puppy

31.5.2006 "The best thing about the future is that it comes only a day at a time." Today it strongly look's like that our Maisa is pregnant :-) Let's keep our fingers crossed - puppies are expected to be born at week 26.

29.5.2006 More good weekend news: Veikka's daughter from Sweden, Exigor's Ruslana In Black, was shown in Germany. She was BOB-junior and got a title: JugendsiegerSchleswigHolstein-06. Grattis Ruslana och Annette!
In Finland at Järvenpää show Veikka's son A'Dreams Balck Bentley was EXC1 BD3 res-CAC. Congratulations to Arttu and his family!

28.5.2006 Extremely nice day at Finnish Miniature Pinscher Club's agility Finnish Championship competition at Laukaa. Our Veikka was competing in MINI-1 class being 2nd. Veikka's daughter Maya was second in MINI-3 class Miniature Pinscher Champion competition. Maya and Marie-Louise did nice clear track in all three starts. It was a pleasure to watch this pair’s harmonious working!

22.5.2006 Sad news - no Kelpie puppies this summer! Venda was ultrasounded today and found empty. More about our future plans later on ...

21.5.2006 Yesterday our Veikka's daughters did again great results: CACIB show in Sweden Exigor's Russlan In Black JUN 1/1 CK BestBitch3 and in Finland CAC show A'Dreams Black Barones JUN EXC3, BestBitch4. Way to go girls!

14.5.2006 Our Wiwi's mom, A'Dreams Black Enigma passed today Finnish Character Test with points of +140. Congratulations to Marika and Santra!

13.5.2006 Veikka's kids have done fine at shows today. At Harjavalta Greatman's Lucky-Lips was Best of Breed and on top of that Best of Group-4. In Hamina A'Dreams Black Bentley got his first CAC! Congratulations to Maya and Arttu!

8.5.2006 Our Maisa, Greatman's Marvelous-Mae, had vet examination today with very pleasing results - eyes 0/0, healthy and knees 0/0, healthy.

6.5.2006 Wiwi is four months old. You can see new pictures about her in her own site. Thank's Marika for this lovely girl! She is getting prettier and prettier every day.
Our Raisa's becoming fiancé A'Dreams Black Ace was in eye and knee examination and proven healthy in both ends :-)

4.5.2006 Last night at Laukaa-agility competition Veikka and I did our first 0-result with final placement 2. I was more than pleased since last time we have practicing was early December 2005 :-)

1.4.2006 April has started just fine! Veikka's kids have been active and competed in all over Europe with super good results. In Finland Greatman's Lucky-Lips in Champion Class: EXC1 BB1 BOB and BIG-3. In Germany Exigor's Ruslana In Black in Junior Class: V1 VDH(J)CAC KSA-J ISPU-J. In Norway Exigor's Royal Romeo In Black in Junior Class 1JK, 1JKK, HP, 2VK, CK, 2nd Best Male. In Sweden unofficial show Exigors Rambo In Black in Junior Class 1HP and 2nd best male. Congratulations to you all!

After the mating trips we have spent weekend at home enjoying the sun and really good weather. We got some nice pictures about our Wiwi and Maisa. By e-mail I got new picture about Veikka's daughter Greatman's Owners-Opal.

30.4.2006 Sunny May Day to all of our friends. Weather is fine and it truly looks like summer is finally coming.

29.4.2006 Our MinPin Maisa (Greatman's Marvelous-Mae) has been mated with handsome A'Dreams Black Soldier. Black & tan puppies expected to be born at week 26. You can read more about this intresting litter from our puppes-site.

27.4.2006 Our Veikka is now 4 years old! We want to congratulate the rest of A'Dreams Black T-litter

JWW-03, KBHW-03, WA-04, FinnSG
A'Dreams Black Thunder

25.4.2006 Tired but ah so happy! Early this morning we arrived home from Sweden, Venda's mating trip. Our Kelpie Venda is now mated with fabulous Glimmergruvan's Uzak. You can read more about this coming litter from our puppies-site. I guess both we people and Venda fell in love for Uzak immediately. Anette and Göran: you are such warm and lovely people. Thank you so much for your hospitality - good food and lot's of "hundprat". We are more than proud to be able to use Uzak for our Venda.

18.4.2006 Our Maisa's fiancé, A'Dreams Black Soldier, was Best of Breed in Lappeenranta INT show, receiving his seventh CAC and second CACIB. You can read more about this fascinating litter from our puppies-site.

17.4.2006 We had an eventfull Easter. We came home from our "Russian tour" from St. Petersburg. More about that you can read from result-site. But best of all - Maisa started her heat today! Black and Tan MinPin puppies are expected to be born by the end of June.

12.4.2006 Heat is on! Yesterday our Australian Kelpie Venda started her heat. If everything goes fine "Midsummer Puppies" will be on the way.

10.4.2006 New pictures about our Veera's first litter.

6.4.2006 Yesterday our Venda (Bestseller Domino) had her birthday - she is now 2 years old. Congratulations to Venda's litter mates! Tomorrow our Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch) will be 12 weeks. To celebrate that we took a new picture about her.

3.4.2006 On Sunday 2nd of April debuted Veikka's daughter Exigor's Ruslana In Black in Junior Class at VDH CACIB Show in Berlin, Germany with magnificent result: V1 VDH(-J) CAC and on top of all that BEST OF BREED! With this result Ruslana also got title of JugendsiegerBerlin-06 Congratulations Annette and Ruslana we are so proud of you.
There are some new pictures about or Veera and her puppies and a new picture about Raisa's becoming fiancé A'Dreams Black Ace.

29.3.2006 New picture of our Raisa and Wiwi, who is now almost 11 weeks old.
We are still waiting Maisa to start her heat. As we waited we made some new puppy-plans - take a look!

28.3.2006 Our Veera delivered four beautifull puppies to Kennel A'Dreams. She did delivery all by herself and has proven to be excellent mom - I am so proud of my girl!

22.3.2006 Veikka's puppies at Kennel Cherrybombs (Sweden) have got their own sites under "progeny".

20.3.2006 Last weekend in Norway Veikka's son Exigor's Royal Romeo In Black made his debute in junior class with result of Best junior male with HP & CK and Best Male 3. Congatulations Leo and family!

Leo with his prices

18.3.2006 Our delightful Wiwi-puppy is now 9 weeks old. She is such a handfull of energy. We took some new pictures about her. Also a new picture about our preagnant Veera.

Wiwi's head - 9 weeks of age

Yesterday I got a mail from the owner of Exigor's Rocky In Black. Our Veikka's son Rocky was entered his last Puppy Class Show with super good result of 1HP BOB BIG-5. Congratulations Unn and Rocky!

Judge: Ingebjørg Stenshaugen
Critic: "En kjempestilig hann av utemerket type. Vakkert hode. Meget velkroppet.
Velvinklet. Beveger seg utmerket. Prima temperament."

12.3.2006 A lot has happened during this weekend: Our Maisa's fiancé to become, A'Dreams Black Soldier, was shown at Lithuania with result of 2 x CAC, CACIB and BOS - Congratulations Anna-Maria! Our Veikka's daughter in Sweden Exigor's Ruslana in Black was show last time in Puppy Class with result of 1HP BOB-puppy - Congratulations Annette!

I added some pictures about our pregnant Veera. Now it is six weeks from her mating... so couple weeks to go!

"Veera" - A'Dreams Black Orchid

7.3.2006 Spring is coming! Oh boy how I and my MinPins have been waiting for it. Veikka and Veera try to catch every sun beam there is. Veera is in her 5th week pregnant and it shows...

Veikka and Veera enjoying in the sun

5.3.2006 New pictures about our Veikka's handsome son Exigor's Royal Romeo In Black, "Leo". Today debuted Leo's sister "Rikke", Exigor's Rikke In Black in Eide Show, Norway being 1 HP and second best bitch puppy. Congratulations!

Last night we arrived home with our new family member Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch). After a week Wiwi's sister will move into her new home in Holland. The third puppy, Wiima will stay with their breeder. Let's see what we can achieve with these girls. Thankyou Marika for this beautiful puppy!

Wiwi and Susa on the night of arrival

28.2.2006 Ultra sound proved - our Veera (A'Dreams Black Orchid) is pregnant. Still waiting for Maisa to start her heat. Read more from our puppy site.

Today I received pictures about our Veikka's 15 weeks old son Greatman's Ozzy-Ozbourne... WOW, that's all I can say! I am sure we will heare more about this young charmer.

We have found a new magnificent male for Venda's coming mating: Glimmergruvan's Uzak from Sweden. We are so proud that we have this oportunity to use Uzak - thankyou Anette!

19.2.2006 We visit Marika and Vili to met our mew familymember: Aurra Sing Wicked Witch. She is now five weeks old and we have to wait couple of weeks to be able to take her home with us.

More super good news comes from Norway; Veikka's son, Exigor's Royal Romeo In Black was at Eidsvoll CAC Show 1HP, BOB-puppy - CONGRATULATIONS!

Happy Valentine's Day to our friends all over the world! Today's special greeting we want to send to Sweden, Gothenburg to Ellen (Kennel The Cherrybombs) and Bella (Exigor's Enya In Red) who delivered four beautiful babies yesterday. Father Veikka and we all are so happy about "The All Sorts Quartet" Read more.

13.2.2006 A new picture of our Veikka's son from Norway. We proudly present Exigor's Rocky In Black. I am sure we are going to hear from this young guy in the future.

Rocky at age of 8 months

8.2.2006 I got our Venda's official hip and elbow results from Finnish Kennel Club. Elbows 0/0 and hips; right hip A and left B, so the result is A/B. She is a healthy girl!

4.2.2006 Today our Raisa (Duvinal O'Hara Optimara) was at official veterinary eye and knee check-up. Everything was fine: 0/0, healthy!

Duvinal O'Hara Optimara

3.2.2006 This morning we got a letter from F.C.I., Belgium: "We have pleasure in informing you that the tittle of International Beauty Champion proposed for the dog: A'Dreams Black Thunder has been confirmed.". Veikka got his tittle with CACIB's from Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Holland - international indeed!

A'Dreams Black Thunder

2.2.2006 Great news from Kennel Cherrybombs (Sweden). Bella (Exigor's Enya In Red) who was mated with our Veikka was x-rayed yesterday and there was four puppies inside of her. If you are intrested about MinPin with high quality temperament and looks - read more!

Exigor's Enya In Red

New pictures of Veikka's two sons: Greatman's Macho-Mac and A'Dreams Black Bentley.

29.1.2006 Almost 1000 kilometers behind and lots of nice experiences. On Firday we travelled up north to Oulu to mate our Veera. Mating went fine and b&t puppies are expected at the end of March. Read more about the litter on our puppy-site.

We also vist two of Veikka's kids who are living up there: Greatman's Owners-Opal and Only-One. We have our hope up for these fine girls! From that same litter I got a new picture about 11 week old Veikka's son Greatman's Ozzy-Ozbourne - future champions on the way!

27.1.2006 Yesterday we where at vet having Venda's hips and elbows examined. Everything looked fine! We are waiting for official results from Finnis Kennel Club but from layman point of view there are no excuse not to use her in breeding :-) You can found Venda's x-ray from her own page.

22.1.2006 Veikka's four sons at Allamigoz are now 7 weeks. Mia and Helene sent me new pictures of these handsome guys; wow ... what super toplines and correct tails! Have a look: Baileyz, Banditoz, Blazer and Bozzley.

Our birthday girl Raisa is now 1 year old!
Congratulations to Raisas litermates to Russia: Duvinal Orlando Odin, Orma Orietta and Ornella Orly!

22.1.2006 On Tuesday our Raisa will be having her 1 year birthday. We are celebrating couple days ahead :-) Happy birthday little Princess! Thanks Marika for Raisa's good care and nice pictures!

New pictures about Wiwi and her litermates. Thanks Marika about the pictures. It feels almost like I am there with you and puppies.

We will have a new family member. Read more about Wiwi.

Aurra Sing W-litter

19.1.2006 MinPin puppies ...
Our Veera (A'Dreams Black Orchid) started her heat yesterday. Still waiting for our Maisa (Greatman's Marvelous-Mae) to follow.

17.1.2006 Veikka's kids at Allamigoz (Sweden) has got here their own web-sites with latest pictures of 6 week old handsome guys. Thanks Mia and Helene for these lovely pictures. We proudly present: Allamigoz Banditoz, Blazer, Baileyz and Bozzley

15.1.2006 Yesterday at Lahti Group Show debuted Veikkas son "Arttu", A'Dreams Black Bentley being EXC1 BD3 res-CAC! Congratulations Arttu and family, great start!

10.1.2006 Future champions! Veikka's kids at Kennel Allamigoz (Sweden) are now five weeks old handsome guys.
Individual pictures... klick here.

7.1.2006 Maya's victory in Sweden continues. Today in Gothenburg INT show (judge Torbjörn Skaar) she was Best of Breed! Congratulations Maya, Marie-Louise and Pia.

ISPU J SG -04, LTUW-05, FinSG

Greatman's Lucky-Lips

6.1.2006 I just received super good news from Gothenburg; our Veikka's daughter Greatman's Lucky-Lips, "Maya" is now new Swedish Champion. Her result today was EXC1 BB1 CAC BOS SUCH (judge Benny Blid, Sweden). What a nice way to start this new year!

3.1.2006 E-mail has brought us new pictures about our Veikka's (A'Dreams Black Thunder) kids living in Norway. We proudly present these lovely 6½ month old puppies: Exigor's Rikke In Black, Exigor's Royal Romeo In Black and Exigor's Rocky in Black

Exigor's Rocky In Black