1.1.2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

29.12.2011 Demi has started her heat.
Mating will happen at week 1/2012. Didaktic's D-litter

5.12.2011 We have new Helsinki Junior Winner 2011. Read more from results.

28.11.2011 Two class rises in Agility to D-team. Congratulations Reetta and Tuija! Read more from results.

22.11.2011 Didaktic's T-litter - hopefully on the way!

Dam of becoming T-litter: Didaktic's Xenom

21.11.2011 WE HAVE PUPPIES!
E-litter is born.

We also have excellent results from Jyväskylä International Dog Show. Read more from results.

8.11.2011 E-litter got their own puppy diary (sorry - only in Finnish).

30.10.2011 Results from Seinäjoki INT

16.10.2011 Amazing Agility-weekend with lots of good results. Congratulations and thank you all!

13.10.2011 Didaktic's E-litter took one step forward!

CH Tomolga Poetry in Motion & CH Didaktics Arana

10.10.2011 Fifth Didaktic's Kelpie who has got Finnish Champion title is Didaktic's Bette Midler. Congratulations Minna & Sami! Read more from results.

4.10.2011 Chili, Didaktic's Cuba Libre, finish his TK1 in super fast time! Congratulations Chili & Aija! Read more from results.

24.9.2011 Nice agility results in both breeds!

20.9.2011 CH Didaktic's Arana has been mated with CH Tomolga Poetry in Motion. Read more about our becoming E-litter. Thank you Ewa (Kennel Evallens) for everything!

17.9.2011 Amazing day! Our Maxim (Semper Ante Kind of Magic) scored big in Finnish Schnauzer-Pinscher 2nd Speciality. Earlier this year Maxim won BOB and BIS2-JUN at the Main Speciality and this time hie did even better by being BIS-3 and BIS-JUNIOR.

Elsewhere Didaktic's Beyoncé was BOB and finalize her Finnish Champion title. Days like this makes me so humble and happy at the same time. Owners, trainers and handlers are the ones that makes our fine dogs shine. Thank you Hannaleena and Noora!

Read more about our Super-Saturday from results.

11.9.2011 Excellent show news. Read more from results.

9.9.2011 The heat is on! Read more about our future E-litter.

3.9.2011 Chili (Didaktic's Cuba Libre) started his obedience carer from the top! Read more from results.

29.8.2011 Past weekend was full of great results and activities. I am so gratefull to you all! Read more from results.

Didaktic's Bon Jovi, LT +157,
secure to shots

25.8.2011 More good working news:
Didaktic's Billy Joe passed BH test and has now a liberty to compete in Working Trials - congratulations Tuija & Milou!
Read more from results.

Autumn is here. Didaktic's Arana with her catch.

21.8.2011 I have skipped all shows from this summer but I am so happy that our breeding and our co-own dogs are shown with good results. This weekends brightest scores we got from agility where two Didaktic's Kelpies got clean run.
Read more from results.

13.8.2011 B-litter has work hard in past week. Didaktic's Bob Marley passed BH test and has now a liberty to compete in Working Trials. Didaktic's Bette Midler was the Best of Opposite Sex in Joensuu INT.
Read more from results.

Didaktic's Bette Midler

6.8.2011 Excellent news from Obedience competition. Read more from results.

25.7.2011 Good news keeps on coming! We have two new champion titles: Didaktic's Xcalibur is now International Champion and Didaktic's Winnetou BE CH.
Huge thanks to Hannaleena, Els & Yvan for showing our breeding and CONGRATULATIONS! With this really small scale of breeding I am extremely happy about these results.

C.I.B & FI & S & EE & LV & LT & BALT CH
Didaktic's Xcalibur

22.7.2011 We have spent amazing two weeks in Sweden. At first weekend we had Didaktic's Kennel Camp in Almunge Mårtensby Gård. There was also possibility to do Herding Instinct Test. We had so much fun and never forgetable moments - thank you all! Read more from camp-site.

We also met the future sire of Didaktic's E-litter and desided to anounce the Didaktic's D-litter as well. We are looking active kelpie loving homes. If you are intrested please contact us good time in advance.

Didaktic's Copacabana - 14 months

5.7.2011 Nice show and agi news from weekend.

We will be in vacatioin next few weeks - so I read my mails occasionally. Happy hollydays to everyone!

27.6.2011 Hannaleena and boys have shown here and there and everywhere. Read more from results.

17.6.2011 Finnish Kennel Club informed us that they have miscalculated Demi's Charracter Test points (they had left some points off totally). New total points are +174.

14.6.2011 Some days are better than anothers but last weekend was one of the days that we always remember. On Saturday there where Finnish Schnauzer-Pinscher Specialty and on Sunday Australian Kelpie & Border Collie Speciality. Read more from results.

Susa with Speciality CAC winner Didaktic's Cosmopolitan - Didaktic's Kelpies in second in second generation.

7.6.2011 Wiwi moved up into highest class of agility with clean run and 1st place - boy I am proud of my beauty with brains! Read more from results.

5.6.2011 "Maxim"-Semper Ante Kind of Magic rocks!!! (There are new pictures in his own page.)
Less than one week time he has gained
J CH Tittles from Lithuania and Estonia and top of all that yesterday he become Estonian Junior Winner 2011. Read more from results.

Maxim and Hannaleena in Tallin Winner Show

4.5.2011 Still no more MinPin puppies to Veikka and Nitro (Didaktic's T-litter). It looks like we missed the right mating days - better luck next time!

29.5.2011 Amazing weekend! D-team have make good results in several places and brands. We got three new champion titles, BOB's, BIS1 Junior, passed Character Test and class promotion in agility. Thank you all!!! All three days of sucess are written down in results.

Maxim & Hannaleena

25.5.2011 Didaktic's Xenom eye excamined healthy 2nd time. That makes Didaktic's T-litter a bit closer to the goal. Mating will happen next week - so if everything goes fine puppies are expect to be born in August.

Didaktic's Xenom

22.5.2011 More results from Helsinki and Hamina INT.

21.5.2011 New passed Character Test for Didaktic's Kelpies. Today Didaktic's Bob Marley passed Finnish Character Test with good points at age of two years and three months. Read more from results.

15.5.2011 These are the nice "pay days" that keeps me going. We have got super show news from Viitasaari and Rauma Shows from our C-kids.
Didaktic's Aurora and her handler Katariina Kovanen did at least Didaktic's history by climbing up from first start into the highest class in agility less than in two months! Read more from results.

Susa with Didaktic's Cosmopolitan - BOB Kelpie in Äänekoski

14.5.2011 Jackpot from Äänekoski! Didaktic's Cosmopolitan BOB and Didaktic's Captain Morgan BOS. Didaktic's Aurora got second clean run from Maxi-2.
Read more from results.

7.5.2011 Excellent show news!
Read more from results.

6.5.2011 Happy B-day to Didaktic's C and X litters! Didaktic's Xcalibur second eye examination HEALTYH :-D

Didaktic's Cuba Libre

4.5.2011 Great agility news from yesterday. Read more from results.

27.4.2011 My soulmate and our dearest VEIKKA (A'Dreams Black Thunder) is now 9 years and still going strong!

Veikka has always fun ;-)

26.4.2011 New pictures about our handsome young prince Semper Ante Kind of Magic and our girl in Switzerland Didaktic's Wichita. Wichita competes in obedience in beginers class. You can find video about her in competition from her page.

Semper Ante Kind of Magic, 8 months

24.4.2011 Kila and Kata keeps on scoring!!! Read more from results.
New picture about Didaktic's Captain Morgan

23.4.2011 Didaktic's Casino Royal has got new home. Thank you Mia and good luck with this charmer!
Excellent show news from Lahti INT. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Billy Joe CAC CACIB

17.4.2011 Show and agility results.

4.4.2011 New picture about Didaktic's Champagne.

27.3.2011 More excellent agility news. Hi-Likka and Kiti moved up to Maxi-3 and Iina & Koda won Maxi-1 with clean run. Read more from results.

26.3.2011 Wiwi keeps on going strong in agility. At 2011 she have had 5 starts witch three of them with clean run. Read more from results.

21.3.2011 We have new Lithuanian Champion! Read more from results.

9.3.2011 Show and agility results form last weekend.

20.2.2011 Good results keeps on coming...

19.2.2011 Didaktic's Xcalibur is now LV CH! Didaktic's B-boys got double victory in Hyvinkää AGI. Those and other great results are now updated.

7.2.2011 Excellent Show-news from Holland! Read more from results.

6.2.2011 We had really nice Didaktic's training day at Längelmäki today. I am so proud of all our puppy owners you are so active! We got new pictures about our co-own bitches Didaktic's Beyoncé and Didaktic's Cosmopolitan

Didaktic's Beyoncé

26.1.2011 Didaktic's B-litter is now 2-years-old! Congratulations Koda, Keiko, Milou, Wänni and Demi. Together you have achieved following things during this two year time: 5 x MH, 7 x FI CAC, 5 x healthy hips/elbows, 3 x healthy eyes/knees, 2 x debuté in Agility, 1 x Obedience AVO1 and lot's of GOOD MOMENTS. Thank you all for taking so good care of our Kelpies and being so active puppy owners!

Didaktic's Bob Marley - Obedience AVO1

22.1.2011 Good show news from Turku INT. Read more from results.
New pictures from our Maxim (Semper Ante Kind of Magic).

16.1.2011 Our show year started marvelously! Read more from results.

10.1.2011 New year comes with new plans. We have updated our puppy plans