11.12.2012 I am still head over heals about weekends results.

Now it is time to wrap up this year and look what our dogs and breeding achieved at 2012:
2 x C.I.B, 6 x FI CH, FIW-12, FIJW-12, HeJW-12, BALTW-12, SE CH, NO CH, EE CH, LV CH, LT CH, BE CH, BY CH, KORAD, JK1, TK2, 6 x MH, 3 x LT, several qualifying scores in agility, 4 x agi-CAC, several show CACs, excellent health results and plenty of unforgetable memories.

THANK YOU ALL WHO HAVE BEEN A PART OF OUR YEAR! Merry X-mas and let's see what we will do at 2013...

18.11.2012 Didaktic's S-litter is already 5 weeks old. Our new girl Didaktic's Superstar got her own page. Maxim and Hannaleena are back in agility court: read more from results.

5 week old kids

11.11.2012 Splendid results from Jyväskylä INT - thank you D-team you did this all! Read more from results.

New CAC winner
Didaktic's Echo

9.11.2012 Champions keep on coming! Didaktic's Aquarius is our first C.I.B.!
Read more from results.

27.10.2012 We got our 9th Kelpie Champion today when Didaktic's Copacabana within one week passed Finnich Character test and got her last CAC. Congratulations! Read more from results.

21.10.2012 Didaktic's Kelpies got ther first JK1 from tracking today. I am so happy - thank you Aija and Chili! Read more from results.

14.10.2012 History is made out of comitment, passion, hard work and good luck. This weekend we have had so splendid results that I can just say humble thanks to you all who are training working and competing with our dogs! One result of that work is first KORAD Kelpie bred in Finland. Today we have got also new LT & BALT CH. Read more from results.

13.10.2012 Didaktic's S-litter is born. Maxim the sire of our S-litter got today new Champion title. He is now also LV CH.
Read more from results.


5.10.2012 Excellent Character Test result to Didaktic's Fenix! Read more from results.

30.9.2012 Wiwi's delivery is geting closer and closer. Her daughter Wia started her heat and a bit over a week she will be mated as well. Read more about our puppy plans. Our D-puppies debuted at Puppy Show as well as Didaktic's Escape debuted at Obedience Trial. Read more from results.

Parents of our becoming U-litter:
CH Semper Ante Kind of Magic - CH Didaktic's Wanda

16.9.2012 Excellent results to D-team from obedience and agility fields. Read more from results.

New TK2 Didaktic's Cuba Libre
(CH Ballare Stukova - CH Didaktic's Arana)

12.9.2012 Wiwi is pregnant!
Read more about our puppy plans.

11.9.2012 We have new International Champion! Wiwi's son C.I.B. & BE & FR & NL CH & NL J CH VDH-Europajugendsieger 2010 Didaktic's Winnetou Congratulations Els & Yvan - well done! Read more from results.

5.9.2012 Exellent Agility results.

22.8.2012 We have been on vacation for past month and lots of nice things has happened. We had our yearly herding camp in Sweden at Mårtensby Gård. We have got new champions and other nice results and our Wiwi has been mated with Maxim - so hopefuly we will have MinPin puppies this year. Read more about our puppy plans.

NEW Champion!
On his 2nd birthday our Maxim
(Semper Ante Kind of Magic) got 6 new titles:

14.7.2012 Good health news: Didaktic's Champagne healthy knees, hips and elbows!

8.7.2012 Excellent news from Karjaa Show. Didaktic's Bob Marley got his 2nd FI CAC. Read more from results.

2.7.2012 Our Maxim (Semper Ante Kind of Magic) was BIG-2 at Gällevare INT!
Read more from results.

30.6.2012 We had double victory in Laukaa Show and double "silver" at Rovaniemi. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Email

27.6.2012 This autumn we will try to mate three MinPins (S, T and U litters) and hopefully we will have Miniature Pinscher litter after more than two year of break. Read more about our becoming puppy plans here.

20.6.2012 Didaktic's Copacabana passed BH-test! Congratulations Jenni & Riemu!
Our girls where almost on top at Kelpie Speciality 2012: BOS-puppy and BB2. Read more from results.

Speciality BOS-puppy: Didaktic's Email

10.6.2012 Amazing weekend in both breeds. Thank you our active puppy owners! We got new CHAMPION when Didaktic's Wanda finished her title after a long show break. Read more from results.

28.5.2012 More exellent Agility results.

20.5.2012 Exellent Agility results.

19.5.2012 Fifth C-kelpie out of seven has been MH-tested. Camu (Didaktic's Colonel Collins) got really nice comments. Big thanks to Heli! Didaktic's Captain Morgan and Didaktic's Cosmopolitan both got their last CAC at Jämsä Show. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Cosmopolitan
Picture: Viivi Saarikko

17.5.2012 Fourth dog from our C-litter is now MH-tested. Didaktic's Copacabana passed MH-test with nice results. Thank you Jenni for testing Riemu - well done! All results from MH of Didaktic's dogs you can read here. Riemu's litterbrother Chili (Didaktic's Cuba Libre) passed BH test with ease - congratulations Aija and Chili!

Didaktic's Colonel Collins got his last CAC and now just waiting for Character Test to finalize his CH title. Read more from results.

D Colonel Collins

6.5.2012 At Saturday we got new Didaktic's Show Champion:
FI CH Didaktic's Bon Jovi. And like that wouldn't be enought today Iina and Koda took their second AGI CAC! Read more from results.
Didaktic's Casino Royal passed MH-test with nice results. Thank you Mia for taking Ready to the test and thank you for this year with Ready!

22.4.2012 Excellent agility news. Read more from results.

21.4.2012 Finally every puppy of our E-litter has got their own page.
Didaktic's Captain Morgan
passed MH-test with good results. Thank you Kati for taking Capo to test!

15.4.2012 Our dogs where shown two different INT shows this weekend: Vaasa and Tallinn. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Copacabana

14.4.2012 First D-kelpie ever shown in Russia. Read more from results. New pictures about Didaktic's Cuba Libre.

8.4.2012 Hannaleena and our boys did really well at Lappeenranta Show today - you are the best! Read more from results.

31.3.2012 Didaktic's Cosmopolitan passed MH-test with excellent results. She is active, brave and secure to all kind of noices and shots.
New picture about our almost 5-month-old future star - Didaktic's Email

Didaktic's Cosmopolitan

15.3.2012 First Didaktic's kelpie got SERT-H from agi competition. Read more from results.

8.3.2012 Excellent health news!
Aurra Sing Wicked Witch knees 0/0 and eyes examined 5th time HEALTHY. Her daughter Didaktic's Wanda 2nd examination knees 0/0 and eyes HEALTHY. And our Didaktic's Cosmopolitan first examination knees 0/0 and eyes HEALTHY! This is so good news and gives confirmation into our breeding plans into future.

Didaktic's Wanda

27.2.2012 We have new Champion! Semper Ante Kind of Magic is now also Belarus Champion. Read more from results.

4.2.2012 Didaktic's Bon Jovi moved up to highest class in agility. Read more from results.

2.2.2012 Official results about Didaktic's Casino Royal: hips A/A, elbows 0/0, eyes 0/0. Super- big thanks to Mia for examining our boy!

1.2.2012 Great news from both breeds. Our boy in Belgium, Didaktic's Winnetou, has gained new CH title. Read more from results.

Next Didaktic's Kelpie litter is one step closer. Didaktic's Beyoncé was ultrasounded today pregnant with several embryos. Read more about our becoming litter from HERE.

From our B-litter Didaktic's BonJovi & BetteMidler 4 month old

23.1.2012 Our boy from Russia, LT J CH & EE J CH & EEJW'11,HeJW'11 Semper Ante Kind of Magic c/o Hannaleena Salmi and bred by Galina Kulikova was Finnish MinPin Association 2nd Best MinPin of 2011!

Maxim had only seven months time to gather those results since he started to compete in official classes. His biggest achievements so far has bee BOB in BOTH MinPin Specialities in Finland year 2011. Thank you all judges who have appreciate Maxim's quality! Biggest thanks to Galina - without you we wouldn't have this handsome, funny little boy and to Hannaleena - you have trained, showed and took so good care of Maxim that these results have bee possible to achieve. Read more from results.


9.1.2012 Excellent health and agility news! Didaktic's Colonel Collins examined hips A/A and elbows 0/0. Didaktic's Xcalibur got second qualifying score from Mini-1.

5.1.2012 Mating has happened! Hopefully Didaktic's D-litter is on the way.

Dam of becoming D-litter
FI CH Didaktic's Beyoncé

1.1.2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR!