17.12.2013 We have NORDIC WINNER 2013! Didaktic's Aquarius did it again and won the biggest show in Finland. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Aquarius

23.11.2013 We have new Finnish Champion Didaktic's Email finnished FI CH title at age of two years and week! Her litter brother Didaktic's Escape has passed Finnish Rescue Dog Association basic and final exams. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Superstar healthy eyes, knees and heart - thank you Miia for taking Armi to examination!

18.11.2013 Today is seven years since our A-litter was born and yesterday our E-litter had their 2nd birthday. To celebrate that Didaktic's Email took her last CAC by being BOB at Jyväskylä INT. Read more from results.

3.11.2013 Results updated.

15.10.2013 Results from last two weeks updated. We got new results from Show, Rescue and Character Test. Versatile dogs and active owners - way to go!

19.9.2013 Lots of great results updated. We have also anounced year 2014 litters. Read more about becoming litters here.
I-litter had first puppy meeting. Look at pictures here.

Three month old Didaktic's Innovation
(Aussie Action Opal - Didaktic's Cosmopolitan)

25.8.2013 This weekend we got two new MH-tested dogs. Thank you for taking our breeding into MH. Read more from results.

21.8.2013 Hopefully we will have two kelpie-litters at 2014. First litter-plan has been publish. Read more about becoming litters here.

20.8.2013 We took weekend trip to Tallinn, Estonia with Pirre and Camu and got all that we hoped for. Read more from results.

From left Tallin INT's 2 x BOS Didaktic's Email and her half-brother 2 x BOB Didaktic's Colonel Collins

14.8.2013 What a week we have had! We had nice five-day-trip to Sweden. First herding camp at Mårtensby Gård and while we where in Sweden Team Didaktic's entered also into Swedish Kelpie Speciality with six dogs. We got five class winnings, BOB and BOS. That was faar more than I could have ever dream on. Read more from results.

Five more Didaktic's dogs have passed herding instinct test in Sweden. Now there are total 15 Didaktic's Kelpies who have pass.

BISS-1 Didaktic's Arana

29.7.2013 Didaktic's Email is now TK1.
Read more from results. Our D-team have made super results in obedience trials. Five of our breeding have gained training id during this summer:
TK2 Didaktic's Cuba Libre
TK2 Didaktic's Dominica
TK1 Didaktic's Email
TK1 Didaktic's Arana
TK1 Didaktic's Cosmopolitan
Congratulations and keep up good work!

22.7.2013 Excellent results from obedience, agility, working trial and shows. Thank you for active owners and versatile dogs! Read more from results.
All puppies from our I-litter has new homes. Thank you all for great interest towards our puppies. Next kelpie litter will be at spring 2014.

Didaktic's Imico - 5 weeks old

30.6.2013 Excellent results from agility, oberdience and show fields. Read more from results.

19.6.2013 I-litter is born!

9.6.2013 What a weekend! Several D-kelpies have been herding training in different places in Finland. E-girls: Didaktic's Email and Didaktic's Error have been working. Email was shown both days with result BOB and BOS. Error got really good result from MH. Way to go girls!
Read more from results.

New picture about Didaktic's Enter and our baby Evallens Chocolate Nezza

Bestseller Domino and her grand daughter Didaktic's Cosmopolitan who is carying becoming Didaktic's I-litter.

3.6.2013 Young Didaktic's Dominica arrange us a big surprice at Estoninan Winner show at Tallinn. Read more from results.

Susa with
HeJW-12 JW-12 EEJW-13 EEW-13
Didaktic's Dominica

27.5.2013 Didaktic's E-kelpies keep on going strong! Didaktic's Email was the first one in that litter to pass MH-mentaltest with good results and shot proof. Her litterbrother Didaktic's Escape made incredible performance in Agility they start to compete in agility on Wednesday and on Sunday they where already climb up to MAXI-2 - well done Noora and Rati!
Read more from results.

The sad news of this weekend was that there won't be any MinPin litter to us this year. Wia was empty after all.

25.5.2013 D-team has been working hard in Agility and show ring. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Champagne (Best Bitch II) and Didaktic's Email (Best Bitch I & BOB) at Kuopio INT

22.5.2013 Ceri is pregnant - happy, happy! Read more about the becoming I-litter.

21.5.2013 We have new member in our Kelpie-team. Thank you Ewa for trusting her to us! Wellcome to Finland Evallens Chocolate Nezza

19.5.2013 We had really nice show weekend in Kelpie Speciality. Biggest merit to our breeding was BIS1 progeny class to our Didaktic's Arana. I am so happy and proud. Read more from results.

11.5.2013 Amazing Obedience day!
Read more from results.

5.5.2013 Results updated.
Ultrasound proved that Wia is pregnant. Read more about the U-litter.

23.4.2013 Long expected kelpie litter is hopefully on the way. Didaktic's Cosmopolitan met handsome Aussie Action's Opal in Sweden and you can say that love was in the air! Read more about the litter: I-litter.

Ceri & Gizmo

29.3.2013 Puppy plans took one step forward. Mating has happened! We are expecting to have MinPin litter in May. Read more about the litter:

Parents of becoming Didaktic's U-litter

26.3.2013 We had official eye & knee examination:
Didaktic's Zelda: healthy eyes & knees
Didaktic's Email: healthy eyes & knees
Didaktic's Dominica: healthy eyes & knees
Thank you Reetta, Ninja and Hanna!

18.3.2013 Our S-litter got their own personal sites. Wia started her heat. Mating at week 13. Read more about our becoming U-litter.

Didaktic's Supersonic - 5months

17.3.2013 We have new agility MinPin at D-team. Pirita and Tiko did excellent result and got their first qualifying score - congratulations!
Read more from results.

24.2.2013 Year is starting slowly. We are waiting Ceri to start her heat and to get one step closer towards our I-litter in Kelpies. Read more about becoming litter here.
We have got some nice results from agility and obedience. Read more from results.

Our next breeding bitch
FI CH Didaktic's Cosmopolitan

21.1.2013 Good health news:
Didaktic's Explorer HD: A/A and ED 0/0
Didaktic's Email HD: A/A and ED 0/0

19.1.2013 I am so happy about our first timers. We had those today both in show ring and in obedience field. Read more from results.

13.1.2013 New year but old tricks! Our breeding started strongly in agility and in show. MinPin Didaktic's Xcalibur got his first qualifying score in highest class, AGI-3 and Australian Kelpie Didaktic's Cuba Libre was the Best of Breed at Lahti Show. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Cuba Libre