22.12.2007 New pictures about our beautifull girls Demi and Kerttu:
Didaktic's Dea Dia
Didaktics Diva To Greatman

15.12.2007 The sire of our becoming H-litter, Djoyfull Djoy Got To Go, finished today his J CH tittles from three Baltic countires. He is now BALT & EST & LTU & LV JCH. Congratulations Marika and Kauko!

New pictures of our Didaktic's Fingerprint.

10.12.2007 We have been into Helsinki INT dog show. Trip was so nice and we had lots of fun. Thank you Galina, Elisabeth, Natali and the rest of the gang for nice company along MinPin ring on Saturday! Super thanks to Kiti, Kata and Kirsi fo taking our breeding into the ring on Sunday. Your dogs looked great! More info about the show from results.

Finally we have updated our puppynews!
Next, Didaktic's H-litter, between Didaktic's Dea Dia and Djoyfull Djoy Got To Go will be available in Summer 2008.

Djoyfull Djoy Got To Go,
the sire of future Didaktic's H-litter

24.11.2007 Today we where at Pieksämäki to follow Veikka's agility-training. We had nice visitors there when Essi, Jari and Cobra (Didaktic's Fahrenheit) dropped by. Wow, what a handsome and super nice little guy Cobra had turn out to be!

Didaktic's Fahrenheit, 3½ months

18.11.2007 Eventful weekend ...
First we like to congratulate our kelpie A-litter. Today it is one year since they where born. Big kiss to you all!
We have been participating into Jyväskylä INT dogshow during this weekend with great results.

A year ago our Venda was giving birth to seven beautiful puppies. Today she was BOS and CACIB at Jyväskylä INT Show and one of those puppies was
Best Male3 wit CAC.

12.11.2007 New picture about Didaktic's Fahrenheit. Thankyou Essi!

Didaktic's Fahrenheit, 12 weeks

11.11.2007 Our handsome boy in Norway- Didaktic's Falcon. Thank you Siri Mette for the picture!

Didaktic's Falcon, 12 weeks

5.11.2007 Last Saturday we had our A-litter's Kelpie-date in Mäntsälä, "Ahtilandia". Read more.
Affectionate reunion: Didaktic's Aquila and Arana

I have got new Pictures about Our Iines (Didaktic's Fingerprint) and our Veikka's son, "Kessu". I got also greetings from Norway with new picture about handsome Falcon. Nice to see that his ears are almost up already.
Didaktic's Falcon

29.10.2007 We visit Lahti INT Dog Show. More about our weekend you can read from results.

24.10.2007 Our Veikka's daughter Stjärflockens Finlandia has made her show debut in Sweden with fabulous result: BOB-puppy. Critique was excellent! Congratulations Maria and Karin!

Added information about Finnish mental test for dogs.

22.10.2007 Didaktic's Arana was second kelpie of our breeding who have been tested with sheep with good results. Hi-Likka and Kiti spent a weekend in intensive training session where Hi-Likka got understanding of her original drives. Thank you Kiti for giving our girl this valuable experience. You are a treasure!

Our Veera has been in total vet examination today - everything was good! There is no constraint of breeding her. Veera will be the mother of our next MinPin litter at 2008. We are looking for active owners to Veera's kids.
Look at our puppy plans for year 2008.

Kiti and Hi-Likka in action
Photo: Riina Karvonen

14.10.2007 Yesterday last one of our F-puppies move into his new home when Didaktic's Falcon flew to Norway. He is owned by Kennel Vankami and Kennel Estrellapinsch. Good luck Siri Mette and Gry with our diamond!


7.10.2007 Didaktic's Diva To Greatman, "Kerttu" was shown at Oulu INT Show with nice result, JUN EXC4 out of 11 junior females. Judge was Boris Spoljaric, Kroatia. Congratulation Pia & Kerttu!

Didaktic's Diva To Greatman

5.10.2007 New picture about beautiful Didaktic's Dea Dia

Didaktic's Dea Dia

4.10.2007 Almost all of our F-puppies have flown the nest. We are so happy that our kids have got nice homes - thankyou to you all! Good luck to Heli and Petteri with Iines, Essi and Jari with Cobra and Pirita and Sakari with Tiko. Falcon is still with us but after a week he will be travelling inot his new homeland. All our F-puppies have got their own homepage. You can find the link here.

Didaktic's Falcon, 7 weeks

30.9.2007 We had nice weekend with our dogs and dog-friends. Long waited visitor Pessi (Didaktic's Andromeda) and her family dropped by on Sunday. What a beautiful lady Pessi had become! Pessi's sister Hi-Likka (Didaktic's Arana) came over to meet her sister and we had nice time outdors with Venda and her daughters. Pictures from reunion you can find here.

28.9.2007 Today our F-litter visited vet and they all got microchipped and examined. Everything was fine and soon they are ready to travel into their new homes. Puppy pictures uppdated.

Didaktic's Falcon

25.9.2007 New picture album about our 6-week-old puppies.

24.9.2007 Didaktic's F-litter is now 6 weeks old. New pictures about everyone.

One of our boys "Tupu"

16.9.2007 We proudly present: Didaktic's Fingerprint - 5 weeks old.

Didaktic's Fingerprint, 5 weeks old

11.9.2007 First pose-pictures about Didaktic's F-litter at age of 4 weeks.

10.9.2007 Great news from Sweden - our Veikka's son N CH Exigor's Rocky In Black is now also Swedish Champion. In Helsingborg he was The Best of Breed with CAC. Congratulations to Annette and Unn!!!

N & S CH Exigor's Rocky In Black

7.6.2007 Didaktic's Dea Dia have officially helthy eyes and knees. Thank you Susanna for taking our breeding into examination!

Didaktic's Dea Dia

7.9.2007 Yesterday our Raisa gave birth a little male puppy. Unfortunatelly he was not strong enought to live.

27.8.2007 Today our Raisa, becoming mother of Didaktic's E-litter, was in another ultra and we also did x-ray to her. She is pregnant but there is only one puppy. She suppose to deliver at begining of September. This puppy is not for sale!

New picture about our Veera's handsome son. A'Dreams Black Kaptain, "DIEGO". We have plans to mate our Veera second time in summer 2008. Male has not desided yet. More information later on...

19.8.2007 Today our kelpies started their carreer in official class at the age of 9 months and 1 day with excellent results. This was the start I could only dream on.
Didaktic's Aquarius, "AHTI", Best Male 2 and CAC, Didakic's Arana, "HI-LIKKA", Best Bitch 2 and res-CAC. More in results.

Didaktic's Aquarius and CAC

18.8.2007 Magnificent results from Nokia Show. Our Wiwi was BOB and BIG-3!
First time in ring was our kelpie Didaktic's Alfa Centauri, "CENTA". What a handsome guy he has turn into. I am sure we will hear more about him in the future!
On top of these great news our Veikka's son, A'Dreams Black Bentley turn into FIN CH. Congatulations to Arttu and the whole family!

14.8.2007 Didaktic's F-litter is born!
Web-cam from the whelping box and story about the litter you can read here.

9.8.2007 New picture about Frida. the mother of our F-litter. Today it is 56 days from her first mating. Some of year 2008 puppy plans updated.

7.8.2007 Results-page has been updated. New picture of beautiful Didaktic's Diva To Greatman and our marvelous Hi-Likka, Didaktic's Arana

Didaktic's Arana, 8 months

6.8.2007 Fantastic weekend with fantastic results! Our Veikka was competing agility in Pihtipudas. He was starting first time with his new handler Heli Taali with super results. Saturday they got two starts and two winnings with 0-result! With that results Veikka moved up to mini-2 class. More about Veikka’s agility career you can read from our agility page.

Didaktic's Aurora, BOB-puppy

In Helsinki Puppy Show Didaktic’s Aurora, “KILA” was BOB-puppy. This was her second BOB placement in puppy class. Next time we will see Kila in Junior Class. Congratulations Kila and Kata!

Veikka's kids are following their father’s footsteps in work and show fields: In Turku Dog Show Veikka’s son A’Dreams Black Ilex, "Iiro" was BOB-puppy and in Seinäjoki Agility competition Veikka’s son Great Iita’s Here I Come, “Kessu” moved into mini-2 class. Congratulation to you all!

2.8.2007 New picture about Frida who has now 49 days from her first mating.
A'Dreams Black Theya - the mother of our F-litter

1.8.2007 Ultra sound proved today: our Raisa is pregnant - E-litter is on it's way.
Our Raisa - Duvinal O'Hara Optimara

31.7.2007 New picture about our young and beautiful Didaktic's Dea Dia

Didaktic's Dea Dia, 13 months

22.7.2007 Picture gallery from our Summer Tour to Sweden and Denmark.

22.7.2007 Didaktic's A-litter is going on strong. This time Didaktic's Aurora BOB-puppy in Hyvinkää under strickt judge: S. Bister. Congratulations Kata and Kila!

First "picture" about Didaktic's F-litter. Thankyou Tuuli for these nice pictures.
New picture about our Veikka's son A'Dreams Black Bentley.

Didaktic's Arana BIS-1 puppy in SBCAK Speciality Show with Judge Ms. Alison Cowin from Australia

20.7.2007 Finally at home!
We had so nice summer hollyday in Sweden and in Denmark. Even thought it was nice to have great succee in shows we think that the best part was meeting our Kelpie & MinPin friends along the way.

Annette and Bosse (Kennel Exigor's), Maria and Karin (Kennel Stjärnflocken), Iben and Jens (Kennel Born To Work) Ellen and the whole family (Kennel Cherrybombs) Ewa and Pyzze (Kennel Evallens): We want to thank you all for your great hospitality and friendship. We had nice long discussions about our lovelly breeds and we got new thoughts and ideas to go on. It was so nice to see offspring and relatives of our own dogs.

During the weekend we will prepare and publish photoalbum about our trip.

14.7.2007 What a magnificent day!!!
Our succes in Sweden continues. Today was Wiwi's turn to shine in MinPin ring. At Tvååker INT Show she was Best Bitch 2 with CAC and res-CACIB. Veikka was Best Male 3 with res-CACIB.

In Kelpie-ring we made super results in Sweden and in Finland. In Tvååker our Venda was Best of Breed with CACIB and at the same time in Finland we had Australian Kelpie Speciality where our own breeding Didaktic's Arana (Venda's daughter) was shown at first time with result of BOB-puppy and BEST IN SHOW -puppy. What a super start for her show career. Thank you Kiti for taking such a good care of our little girl and thank you Päivikki for showing this super-girl so professionally. Results.

Wiwi with her S CAC

13.7.2007 Our Veikka continues his succes in Sweden. Today at Tvååker NAT Show he was The Best Male and BOS. Read more from results.

12.7.2007 New pictures about Veikka's daughter Stjärnflockens Finlandia.

6.7.2007 We started our summer vacation from Sweden, the beautiful island of Gotland. There at city of Visby was NAT & INT dogshow. We had great succes there and the most important thing at all our Veikka (A'Dreams Black Thunder) become Swedish & Nordic Champion. Read more from results.

Didaktic's E-litter is on it's way! Our Raisa has been mated with Ch A'Dreams Black Ace. Read more about our becoming litters.

25.6.2007 Kirsi and Ahti (Didaktic's Aquarius) have been working hard during holydays. Ahti was first time introduced to sheep. Now we can see what kind of herding instinct he has. Thank you Kirsi for taking this step in Ahti's training. Nice to see how you two will develop.

Picture: Jorma Lahti

23.- 24.6.2007 We have spent our Midsummer Day near Artic Circle, in Rovaniemi INT Show. Today our Venda was The Best Bitch with CACIB and finally she become BOS. BOB was Venda's brother :-)
On Sunday our Wiwi was Best Bitch3 with res-CAC.

14.6.2007 Mating has happened!
A'Dreams Black Theya has mated with Kivilompolon Elastic Emilio. Puppies expected to be born at week 33. Read more about our F-litter.

A'Dreams Black Theya

10.6.2007 Our Wiwi continues her good results. Today in Jämsänkoski Show she was EXC1 BB2 res-CAC. Read more from results.

Aurra Sing Wicked Witch

4.6.2007 We have so super weekend in all ways that I haven't still wiped the smile out of my face...

We where in Tallinn at Estonian Winner Dog Show and our Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch) hit the jackpot: BOB-junior, BOS, ESTONIAN JUNIOR WINNER '07 and ESTONIAN WINNER '07! Our Raisa (Duvinal O'Hara Optimara) was EXC1 Best Bitch 4 and res-CACIB so we had two bitches among top four! Read more about our magnificent weekend from results.

I got mail from Sweden that says that our Veikka has become a father again. Stjärnflocket's Nike gave birth beautiful red bitch who will stay in Kennel. Congratulations and best of luck to Stjärnflocket's Finlandia :-)

Our puppy plans have progressed. A mother of our F-litter (A'Dreams Black Theya) has started her heat!!! Read more from planned litters.

Our Veikka's beutifull daughter Exigor's Ruslana In Black continues her succes in Germany: V1, VDH-CAC, CAC, CACIB, BOB and new tittle: SIEGER SCHLEZWIG HOLSTEIN 2007. Congratulations to her breeder and owner Annette!

27.5.2007 New pictures about our Russian princess "Raisa" (Duvinal O'Hara Optimara). Raisa's picture gallery was also updated. Thank you Marika for excellent pictures!

Duvinal O'Hara Optimara

25.5.2007 Our Veikka's son Exigor's Rambo In Black have passed MH-test (mental test) in Sweden Grattis Rambo och Linda!

22.5.2007 Results from Aptus Show (Helsinki) and Riiga, Latvia.

19.5.2007 Super succesfull Saturday!
Our Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch) was shown at Äänekoski Show with result of EXC1 BB1 CAC BOB BIG-3!!! Breed judge was MinPin specialist Soile Bister. Good results came to our dogs also from Riiga and Rauma. Read more from results.


18.5.2007 Didaktic's A-kelpies are now 6-months-old. Congratulations to you all: Ahti, Ari, Centa, Lenni, Pessi, Kila ja Hi-Likka!

Venda (back) with her daughter Hi-Likka (in front)

17.5.2007 Suonenjoki Show. Our Wiwi won Intermediate class and in the final ring she was Best Bitch4 with res-CAC. The sire of our becoming F-litter Kivilompolon Elastic-Emilio was EXC1 BD1 CAC and BOS. Results.

Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch)

13.5.2007 Agility-results updated.
Sire of Didaktic's upcoming E-litter, A'Dreams Black Ace was competing at Swedish Winner Show with result of second Best Dog, CAC, res-CACIB and he become Swedis Champion - congratulations!

Veikka was 3rd in weekends agility trial at Jyväskylä

12.5.2007 Our Wiwi was second Best Bitch with res-CAC at Virrat Dog Show. Didaktic's Donatello won junior males second time in a row. Read more from results.

Aurra Sing Wicked Witch

10.5.2007 New pictures of our Veikka's (A'Dreams Black Thunder) beautiful daughter from Russia: A'Dreams Black Idea

9.5.2007 Our Veera's son A'dreams Black Kaptain examined today: healthy eyes and knees.

8.5.2007 New pictures of our Veikka's offspring: A'Dreams Black Ivory and Exigor's Royal Romeo In Black

7.5.2007 Results from Leppävirta Show

2.5.2007 I got news from Norway. Last weekend our Veikka's son Exigor's Rocky In Black was BOB and his sister Exigor's Rikke In Black was BOS. Congratulations to Rocky & Unn, Rikke & Toril and to the breeder Annette!

1.5.2007 Team Didaktic's wishes you all: Sunny May Day!

Veikka, Wiwi and Veera

28.-29.4.2007 On Saturday we had first "Didaktic's Kelpie Meeting" in Mäntsälä. All our puppies from Didaktic's A-litter were invited. It was so nice to see how well they have developed. We did some work and some play. Thank you for you all - it was a great day! We got new pictures about Didaktic's Arana, Aurora, Alfa Centauri and Aquarius.

On Sunday Venda participate Lahti International Dog show by being The Best Bitch, CACIB and BOS.

Venda with her kids: Didaktic's Aurora, Aquarius, Arana and Alfa Centauri

27.4.2007 our birghtest star and joy INT & FIN & DK & EST CH, JWW-03, KBHW-03, WA-04, FinnSG A'Dreams Black Thunder, "VEIKKA" is now 5 years old.

A'Dreams Black Thunder, 5 years

22.4.2007 Results from here and there.
I got new picture about our Veikka's magnificent son Kessu (Great Iita's Here I Come):

17.4.2007 I got new picture about beautiful Demi (Didaktic's Dea Dia) and our Veera's daughter and son from her first litter:A'Dreams Black Kiss and A'Dreams Black Kaptain

Didaktic's Dea Dia, almost 10 months old

15.4.2007 Beautiful, sunny weekend! Didaktic's Aquila visited us on Sunday and there is a new picture about handsome "Lenni", who will be 5 months in a couple of days.

Didaktic's Miniature Pinschers did some shows. Didaktic's Diva To Greatman was in INT Show Vaasa and Didaktic's Donatello practiced showing in un-official show in Jyväskylä. Read more in results.

Didaktic's Aquila

9.4.2007 We have had nice Easter time since we met both our co-owned bitches, MinPin Raisa (Duvinal O’Hara Optimara) and Kelpie Hi-Likka (Didaktic’s Arana), who are not living with us. We manage to get new pictures about Hi-Likka. She is so beautiful and her character is absolute marvellous!

Raisa is enjoying the spring

4.4.2007 We had nice visitors, Karin and Nike from Kennel Stjärnflockens, Sweden. It was so nice to have you here! Now Stjärnflockens Nike has mated with our Veikka (A'Dreams Black Thunder). Future champions are expected to be born in June. We will keep our fingers crossed for b&t male ;-)

1.4.2007 Didaktic's Donatello (Esko) visited us today and we took some pictures. At the age of 9 months he has developed extremely nicely. We have high hopes over him. Now we also have a new picture about our beautiful Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch).

Didaktic's Donatello, 9 months

29.3.2007 Yesterday our Veera's first litter had theri one-year-birthday. Congratulations kids!

26.3.2007 At weekend we spent at Tampere International dogshow. We got nice results in both of our breeds. Read more from result-page. The father of our future E-litter A'Dreams Black Ace finished his FIN & LTU CH title in Tampere. Huge congratulations Sanna & Rooney!

After the show we visit Didaktic's Alfa Centauri. 4½ month old Centa has become a real handsome and well behaving boy. Thank you Helena and family for taking so good care of this fine boy. I am sure we will be hearing from him in the future!

Didaktic's Alfa Centauri, 4½ months

4.3.2007 Our own puppy plans for year 2007 are now awailable! Read more about our intresting plans.

3.3.2007 Our Veikka's sister A'Dreams Black Theya eye and knee checked and healthy!

A'Dreams Black Theya

27.2.2007 Top quality litter expected to be born in summer 2007 to Kennel Stjärnflockens, Sweden from our Veikka (A'Dreams Black Thunder) and NORD & SWE & DK & N CH Stjärnflockens Nike. Read more about the litter.

18.2.2007 Yesterday we had nice visitors when Demi (Didaktic's Dea Dia) came by and Esko (Didaktic's Dontello) was spending weekend with us.

Sisko ja sen veli - Sis and her brother

12.2.2007 New pictures about Didaktics Aurora and Aries. They are just SUPER good looking!

11.2.2007 Things don't always go as we want them to go ...

Yesterday I got phone call and learn out that due to accident Raisa was mated by another male (one that we didn't planned for her). We do not want this pregnancy to start, so Raisa will be medicated. Her planned mating will now move on till autumn. I hope that after couple of days we can tell you more about our future puppy plans.

7.2.2007 Finally our Russian princess Raisa (Duvinal O’Hara Optimara) has started her heat. She will be mated at the end of week 7 with handsome A’Dreams Black Ace. Read more.

Duvinal O'Hara Optimara,
becoming mother of Didaktic's E-litter

3.2.2007 Today we had real Kelpie-day. Here in Jyväskylä we got Lenni (Didaktic's Aquila) for a visit and Hi-Likka (D Arana) came by to play with her brother. In Mäntsälä was another sibling-date when Ahti (D Aquarius) and Kila (D Aurora) met. Thank you Kirsi for arranging that meeting! I must say that we are more than happy with these fine young Kelpies.
Didaktic's Arana, 11 weeks

Didaktic's Aquarius

31.1.2007 Now I have got new pictures about all females in our D-litter. Last but not least Didaktic's Dea Dia (Demi).
Didaktic's Dea Dia, 7months

29.1.2007 We proudly present: new picture about our magnificent girl Didaktic's Diva To Greatman (Kerttu). I just can not wait to see these girls in a showring.
Didaktic's Diva To Greatman, 7 months

29.1.2007 New picture about our own breeding, 7 month old Didaktic's Dolce Vita (Pinja). What a pretty girl she has turn out to be!
Didaktic's Dolce Vita, 7months

27.1.2007 Our Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch) had vet examination today: eyes and knees HEALTHY!

24.1.2007 Our Russian-princess Raisa (Duvinal O'Hara Optimara) is now 2 years old. Congratulations to our little sunshine! At the moment we are waiting for Raisa to start her heat. If everything goes as we have planned she will be mother of Didaktic's E-litter.

Duvinal O'Hara Optimara

22.1.2007 Last weekend Didaktic's Aries moved into his new home to Switzerland. At the same trip when we came to Helsinki we visited Aquila and Aquarius. What social, open active and handsome dogs they have become! When we came home there where new pictures about Aurora and Arana in my mailbox - thank you! I must say that we are more than happy about this A-litter!

Didaktic's Aurora, 9 weeks

14.1.2007 Wiwi was celebrating her birthday in Lahti Show by winning junior class with EXC 1. Nice start for her show year. Read more.

13.1.2007 From your dogs and your children you realize how time flies. Our beauty-girl Wiwi is now 1-year old. Thank you Marika for this lovely bitch!
Aurra Sing Wicked Witch

Our Veera's beautifull daughter A'Dreams Black Kiss is almost 10 months old. What a nice lady she has turn out to be.
A'Dreams Black Kiss

10.1.2007 Our Kelpie-litter has moved into their new homes. Aries is still staying with us and waiting for transportation into his new home country. Soon here will be available own web-site for each puppy.

Didaktic's Aries

6.1.2007 More picture about our 6 months old D-litter. We proudly present our princes Didaktic's Dea Dia (Demi).

Didaktic's Dea Dia

5.1.2007 Didaktic's D-litter is now 6 months. Didaktic's Donatello (Esko) visited us last night and we got some new pictures. What a handsome boy he has become!

Didaktic's Donatello

4.1.2007 We proudly present our Veikka's (A'Dreams Black Thunder) daughter: A'Dreams Black Idea. Dea is owned by Kennel Sant Kreal, Russia

A'Dreams Black Idea

All australiankelpie puppies from our A-litter have found new homes. We thank you all for great intrest towards our litter.