30.12.2008 EXCELLENT NEWS: we will have two litters in begining of 2009! Both Venda and Wiwi are with puppies. Read more from puppies-site.

What exciting begining to year 2009! We all wish happy new year to our friends all over the world. Jännittävä alku vuodelle 2009! Hyvää uutta vuotta rakkaat ystävämme lähellä ja kaukana.


23.12.2008 Hyvää Joulua - God Jul!

15.12.2008 Our results from Finnish Winner Show 2008. Congratulations to Ahti (D Aquarius) for first CACIB!

CACIB-winner from Helsinki INT: Didaktic's Aquarius

7.12.2008 Yesterday our X-litter turn out to be 7 months and got promition to compete in puppy class. Didaktic's Xcalibur opened his puppy class in Helsinki with excellent results by being BOS-puppy under special judge Soile Bister . Read more from results.

2.12.2008 More puppy news! Wiwi was mated with nice and handsome Golan Me Beit Hamaayan. W-litter is expected to born at end of January 2009.

Aurra Sing Wicked Witch, "Wiwi"

28.11.2008 Puppy news!!!
Our Venda has been mated with Lilla Primtorpets Pysen. MinPin Wiwi will be mated next week with Golan Me Beit Hamaayan. So hopefully Kelpie and MinPin litters are available at early 2009. Look more information under puppies.

SUCH Lilla Primtorpets Pysen

23.11.2008 Nice results from Jyväskylä INT show. Alfa Centauri and Arana debuted in Open Class.

I will be away for next four days to mate Venda in Sweden and I can not answer my mails so please be patient.

18.11.2008 Our Kelpie A-litter is now 2-years old. CONGRATULATIONS to Kila, Hi-Likka, Pessi, Centa, Lenni, Ahti and Ari! We got got greetings and pictures from Switzerland where Didaktic's Aries lives, special thanks for that.

You all have done great job with our Kelpies - thank you!

16.11.2008 New pictures about our future star - Didaktic's Xenom at 6 months of age (look also her picture gallery).

Last weekend I passed Finnish Kennel Club's course and exam to become MH-test C-level official. This was historical course since it was first of kind in Finland. B-level test will be held in January. MH- mental description will be one of FKK's official test in 2009. This is an excellent tool for breeders to find out more about charracters.

14.11.2008 Venda started her heat. Didaktic's B-litter is one step closer to goal.

2.11.2008 Puppy show results from Helsinki and Turku.

29.10.2008 H-litter is now 5 months old. New picture of our Neve (D Heaven Sent) - thanks Susanna!

24.10.2008 Some new pictures about our Kelpies and MinPins:
Didaktic's Arana
, Aquarius, Xcalibur, Hugo Boss and Harley Davidson

Didaktic's Aquarius
Picture: Kirsi Tervo

20.10.2008 Our Veikka (A'Dreams Black Thunder) and Heli did it! Veikka competes now in the highest level in Agility (MINI-3) results. Hunting for Agility Champion title has began ...

17.10.2008 Beautiful daughter of our Veikka and the mother of our Donna (Sant Kreal Venecia) is now RUS & UKR CH:

RUS & UKR CH A'Dreams Black Idea
(MULTI CH A'D Black Thunder - MULTI CH A'D Black Status)

28.9.2008 We visit Helsinki to see worlds best agility handlers and dogs. Individuals are still runing wile I am writing this but team competitions are ready. Super congratulations to Brazil team. They got 1st place in Mini and Maxi dogs - impressive work! Final results you will find by clicking the image below.

AGI MM2008

While we where at Helsinki we met our Donna, Sant Kreal Venecia. She has developped a lot and in many points remind me about her grandfather, our Veikka. There are lots of new pictures in her own picture gallery.

21.9.2008 Our 4½month old Xenom and Xcalibur visited us today and ofcourse we took some pictures.

Didaktic's Xenom, 4½ months

Didaktic's G-litter is expected to born in middle of November. Puppies are ready to move into their new homes in begining of 2009.

Other great news came from Sweden and Norway... Didaktic's Falcon has healthy eyes and knees. The sire of our B-kelpie litter is now SUCH - congratulations!

Veera and Tarmo

9.9.2008 Health results confirmed - Operation "Didaktics' G-litter" activated! We are expecting Veera's puppies to be born in the middle of November 2008.

Aurra Sing Golden Edition A'Dreams Black Orchid

7.9.2008 Excellent agility results from the weekend.

Vke aalla

5.9.2008 New pictures about Neve, Didaktic's Heaven Sent.

Neve ja Demi
Two generations of Didaktic's dogs:
Dea Dia with her daughter, 3½ month old Neve

4.9.2008 Finally all our breeding plans for 2009 are ready. Miniature Pinschers we are expecting to have G-litter to our Veera and W-litter to our Wiwi at 2009. Our Venda will be the dam of our Kelpie-litter. Finally we have published the sire of our becoming Kelpie B-litter as well!

2.9.2008 Due the computer breakdown our site has been out from updating. Now we are again slowly back in business...

Last weekend we had Kelpie-date with our A-litter added with half-brother Saro and grandmom Rial. You can read story about the day here and look at lot of pictures from our web-album.

Venda Riku Hilu
Three generations of excellent kelpies:
Bestseller Domino, Bestseller X-File and Didaktic's Arana

24.8.2008 Great news keeps on coming...
Today we had "bronze-day" in both our breeds. Special congratulations to MinPin Cobra who was the only junior male who got EXC from very strickt judge in Varkaus. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Fahrenheit, BD3 res-CAC from Varkaus Show

23.8.2008 Super news!!! Today at Hämeenlinna INT show Didaktic's Alfa Centauri EXC1 BD1 CAC CACIB and Best of Breed. Congratulations Helena!
More in results.

22.8.2008 Last Sunday at Forssa we got Didaktic's first obedience result when Kata and Didaktic's Aurora got ALO1 result - SUPER! Congratulations Kata & Kila!

Kila and Kata in obedience competition

22.8.2008 New picture of Didaktic's Fenix.

20.8.2008 Agility results from MinPin Agility Championships. Our Veikka and her handler Heli Taali took fourt placement in tought competition.

The sire of our X- and H-litter Djoyfull Djoy Got To Go is now also FIN CH (at age of 2 years and 4 days). Congratulations Marika & Kauko!

14.8.2008 Yesterday our F-litter had their first birthday. Congratulations to 1-year old Falcon, Fahrenheit, Fenix and Fingerprint!

F-litter at age of one week

11.8.2008 Yesterday we had breeding examination in Jyväskylä area. Four of our breedings took part of examination with nice results. Later on this week I will add all excamination minutes into each dogs own site. We also had a puppy meeting and I had a change to see all x-puppies and Neve here in Jyväskylä. Thank you all for excellent day. Here you can read more about excamination and our nice Sunday meeting (sorry, only in finnish).

Susa with X-boys

4.8.2008 SUPER WEEKEND! Wiwi's runaway success in 3 x INT Show weekend in Kuopio. All together there where 242 MinPins entered in all three shows. Wiwi's catch from the weekend was: BOB, BOS and 2nd BB, with 2xCACIB and res-CACIB. With that result she was the most successful MinPin in that super weekend. Thank you Marika for this glorious girl! We had high hopes over her but so far she has surpass all expectations. The rest of our team's results you can read here.

At weekend our dear Veera had her 5 year birthday - Veera was celebrating her birthday being more bossier than ever :-) Happy birthday to our small "home-police"!

We got some new pictures about Didaktic's Harley Davidson.

30.7.2008 MinPin litters G and W for 2009 have now released. Quality litters for all kinds of activities - only for active & loving homes!

Aurra Sing Golden Edition A'Dreams Black Orchid

Golan Me Beit Hamaayan Aurra Sing Wicked Witch

28.7.2008 Wiwi keeps on going strong! Results from Pori INT Show. We spent nice weekend with lots of sun, sand and surfing in Yyteri, Pori. Thank you all our friends for a great time! Special greetings goes to Holland to Bianca and John. It was so great to meet you again!

New pictures can be found on Neve (Didaktic's Heaven Sent) site and in her picture gallery. Thank you Susanna for all of these lovely pictures!

Two generations of Didaktic's MinPins: Demi with her daughter Neve

23.7.2008 New picture about eight week old Didaktic's Harley Davidson.

22.7.2008 New pictures about Noel (Didaktic's Xcalibur) and Donna (Sant Kreal Venecia). There is also a picture gallery under Donna's page. Thank you Marika for these pictures! Nitro (Didaktic's Xenom) visited us today and we took some new pitures about this beauty as well.

Didaktic's Xcalibur, 11 weeks

21.7.2008 New VDH CH! Our Veikka's daughter from Sweden, Exigors Ruslana In Black is now VDH CH among her other tittles. Big congratulations to Annette and Ruslana! Veikka and the rest of us are very proud of you!

Beauty with brains - Kelpie Hi-Likka and Kiti have been practise herding with sheep - VIDEO1 & VIDEO 2

19.7.2008 Results from Ylivieska Show.

New pictures about our X-boys:

Didaktic's Xcalibur, 10 weeks
Didaktic's Xclusive, 10 weeks

17.7.2008 New pictures about our 7-weeks-old H-boys: Didaktic's Harley Davidson, Hugo Boss and Hurricane. I also did last update to H-litters puppypage.

13.7.2008 Didaktic's Diva To Greatman is now one CAC away from FIN CH tittle. Kerttu did super this weekend at Oulu Show by being BOS! Thank you Pia!
Kerttu, Didaktic's Diva To Greatman

New picture about our second generation Didaktic's star. Our future joy and hope Didaktic's Heaven Sent. Kerttu above is aunt to this beauty :-)
Didaktic's Heaven Sent, 6½ weeks of age

12.7.2008 World Dog Show 2008:
Australian Kelpie picture gallery
MinPin picture gallery

6.7.2008 Finally we are home from World Winner Dog Show. We spent excellent time in Sweden. We saw beautifull dogs in IDC Show, Circuit Show and in WW-shows. Congratulations to all winners. Our results you can find here. We met our friends from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Russia, Swizerland, Australia - and we must admit that meeting you all was the best part of the whole week!

We also met Didaktic's Falcon who lives in Norway. He was just adorable! Thank you Gry for taking so good care of our boy.

Didaktic's Falcon, 10 months of age

New pictures about Didaktic's H-litter
Every puppy has got their individual sites. We proudly present: Heaven Sent, Harley Davidson, Hugo Boss and Hurricane.

29.6.2008 We spent nice weekend with family Lankola in Mäntsälä and attended Järvenpää-Mäntsälä Show. Results where good and we had so nice time with our friends. Thank you all!!!

New import to us from Russia: Sant Kreal Venecia arrived to Finland. Thank you Elena for this brave and charming little girl!

CAC-winner from Mäntsälä: Didaktic's Aquarius

27.6.2008 Big hug and congratulations to 2-year-old Didaktic's D-litter and their families: Demi, Kerttu, Pinja, Esko ja Viksu! Thank you all for taking so good care of our kids!

Didaktic's D-litter almost 2 years ago

26.6.2008 All puppies have found their new homes - thank you for your interest! Next Didaktic's puppies will be available at 2009.
Today we took some new pictures about our Didaktic's H-litter.

Our Nitro (Didaktic's Xenom) is making new friends
Photo:Tuija Kortelainen

25.6.2008 New pictures about our H-litter. They are already four weeks old.
X-litter is moving into their new homes. Good luck to Elina, Hannaleena and Mari. It is good to have you in our team!

Didaktic's H-litter

20.6.2008 Today in Finland we are celebrating Midsumer - the longest day of the year and the time of midnight sun. Read more about old Finnish tradition of Midsummer from Virtual Finland.

Our puppies have enjoyed the nice day, as you can see. New pictures about every one of them: Xenom, Xcalibur and Xclusive.

Didaktic's X-litter

19.6.2008 Didaktic's X-puppies turned out to be 6 weeks and we visited vet for a check-up and micro chipped. "Prima puppies!", was vets evaluation about X-kids - I think so too!

H-puppies are now theree weeks. New pictures about the whole litter. They are so cute!

Didaktic's H-litter at age of 3 weeks

16.6.2008 5 week pictures of our X-litter - yes, I know... I am a week late since they will be 6 weeks tomorow, but when I took these I was too busy to publish them ;-)

14.6.2008 Our Wiwi debuted Champion Class in Forssa INT Show, with nice result of 2nd Best Bitch and res-CACIB.

We have updated our puppy plans for 2009.

Aurra Sing Wicked Witch

10.6.2008 New pictures about our H-litter.

8.6.2008 NEW CHAMPION!
Our Wiwi is now FIN & EST CH. She finished her Championship with style being BIG-2. Thank you judges Ligita Zake & Marja Talvitie for appreciate the high quality of our Wiwi. Thank you Marika for this precious diamond!

Didaktic's Fahrenheit and Fingerprint debuted in official class with very good results. Read more.

The winner of Intermediate Class:
EXC1 Didaktic's Diva To Greatman

6.6.2008 New pictures about our X-litter at age of four weeks: Xcalibur, Xclusive and Xenom.

Raisa playing with her kids

2.6.2008 Our handsome boy in Norway
Didaktic's Falcon

31.5.2008 Great news from Estonia Winner Show! Our Veikka's daughter MULTI CH Greatman's Lucky-Lips was today BOB and got EST CH & ESTW-08 tittles - congratulations Maya, Marie-Louise and Pia the breeder.

Didaktic's Xenom is now 25 days old:

30.5.2008 New pictures about our H-litter. Puppies got their names. We proudly introduce: Didaktic's Harley Davidson, Hugo Boss, Hurricane and Heaven Sent.

Demi (Didaktic's Dea Dia) with her newborns

28.5.2008 Didaktic's H-litter is born: 3 males & one female! More story when I will get some sleep first...

Tuontinarttu etsii sijoituskotia!
Erittäin lupaava, black & tan kääpiöpinserin narttupentu etsii sijoituskotia joko Keski-Suomesta tai "nelostien varrelta välillä JKL-HKI". Toivon, että sinulla on aiempaa kokemusta koirista ja niiden kanssa harrastamisesta (nly, agi, toko tms.) sekä olet luotettava ja yhteistyökykyinen. Koira saapuu Suomeen kesäkuussa.

Ota yhteyttä, niin kerron lisää!

25.5.2008 Didaktic's X-litter is now 19 days old. All puppies are so beautiful and fat. Raisa is excellent mom and I couldn't be happier about these tree puppies!

The sire of our X and H-litters, Djoyfull Djoy Got To Go, was today at Aptus Show BOB & BIG-2!

Raisa with Didaktic's Xenom, Xcalibur and Xclusive

23.5.2008 Demi (Didaktic's Dea Dia) came home to us to get ready for delivery. Hopefully a week from now we have newborn Didaktic's H-litter in our hands.

Demi 55 days from her first mating

22.5.2008 Didaktic's Arana in action.

21.5.2008 Today we expanded our hobbies. We tried lure coursing with Wiwi. I must say that she has a bit sighthound inside of her - she run so good and fast! I hope next time we will have someone behind camera.

20.5.2008 Unfortunately our Veera was empty so no G-litter until at the end of 2008.

Some good news... Our Wiwi was eye examined second time: HEALTHY! Perhaps there will be W-litter after Wiwi at 2009 - beauty with attitude!

Wiwi, Aurra Sing Wicked Witch

17.5.2008 First MH-tested Didaktic's Australian Kelpies! Didaktic's Aquarius and Didaktic's Aurora was MH-tested today in Sweden with very good results. Huge thanks to Kirsi and Kata! I am so proud of you and specially your great dogs :-) I hope we have possibility to test Arana during autumn 2008. MH-description (only in Finnish).

Great news also from MinPn front: the sire of our X and H -litters, Djoyfull Djoy Got To Go: BOB BIG-1 and BIS-2 in Joensuu Dogshow - congratulations!

Aurora & Aquarius

16.5.2008 New pictures about our X-litter

14.5.2008 Yesterday we had nice visitors when Pinja (Didaktic's Dolce Vita) and Satu dropped by. What a beauty Pinja has turn out to be. I guess I must steel her into one or two shows :-)

Didaktic's Dolce Vita, 22months

12.5.2008 New picture about our Demi - the dam of Didaktic's H-litter. After couple of weeks we are waiting 2nd generation Didaktic's puppies - exciting!

Didaktic's Dea Dia 44 days from her first mating

11.5.2008 Busy weekend! Didaktic's Arana (Hi-Likka) did it again BOS and CAC. Two CAC and one res-CAC in one month time - way to go girl! More in results. Today was also a historical moment since first Didaktic's Miniature Pinscher (Didaktic's Donatello and Reetta Nissinen) started at official agility competition at MINI-1 class!

is growing strong and fast. All puppies got names. Two boys are Xcalibur and Xclusive and the girl is Xenom!

Didaktic's Xenom - 5 days

7.5.2008 Raisa's puppies born last night. Two boys and a girl - nice work our precious Raisa! And the puppies - they are just gorgeous! Read more about our X-litter

4.5.2008 Hi-Likka's nice result from Viitasaari Show: EXC1 BB2 res-CAC

Didaktic's Arana, 17 months

3.5.2008 New pictures about handsome kelpie male Didaktic's Alfa Centauri. Thank you Helena for lovely pictures! Also new "belly pictures" from both of our pregnant mom-MinPinschers: X-litter & H-litter.

28.4.2008 Ultra sound proved - Demi is pregnant! Didaktic's H-litter is expecting to be born at week 22.

27.4.2008 My big love and my soulmate, Veikka, is today 6 years old. He is like good wine - get's better everyday!

JWW-03, KBHW-03, WA-04
A'Dreams Black Thunder

Weekends results from:
* Lahti INT Show
* Vaasa INT Show

26.4.2008 Didaktic's Diva To Greatman is new CAC & res-CACIB winner! Super good results from Vaasa INT Show. Read more.

Didaktic's Diva To Greatman

24.4.2008 Great news from Sweden. Our Veikka's kids have done great in Germany. In Lingen CH Exigor's Ruslana In Black 2xVDH CAC 2xCAC CACIB KSA ISPU and some weeks before in Berlin her literbrother CH Exigor's Rocky In Black 2xCAC 2xVDH-CAC. Congratulation's Annette and Unn!

New picture about Demi:

Didaktic's Dea Dia, 21 months

23.4.2008 Our Veera have been mated! According to progesteron test it seams that we could have been a bit late. Now we will wait and see if we are fortunate and she will end up pregnant after all (G-litter) - if not we will try again :-)
New pictures:
Didaktic's Fahrenheit, 8 months

19.4.2008 Super good results keeps on coming! Didaktic'c Arana THE BEST OF BREED in Jyväskylä INT Show. Thank you Kiti for taking so good care of our jewel.
Read more.

Didaktic's Arana

17.4.2008 Excellent health results! Big thanks to Kata and Kirsi!!!

Didaktic's Aurora: eyes 0/0, hips A/A, elbows 0/0

Didaktic's Aquarius: eyes 0/0, knees 0/0, hips A/C, elbows 0/0

13.4.2008 Our Veikka's son A'D Black Ilex was The Best Male with CAC and BOS in Kankaanpää Show - Congratulations Mira & Iiro!

12.4.2008 Veera started her heat a bit ahead of scheduled. We will mate her at week 17 and puppies expected to be born by the end of June. Read more.

(A'Dreams Black Orchid)

8.4.2008 Results from Tuusula Speciality and new pictures of our pretty Didaktic's Fingerprint. Thank you Tuuli!

Didaktic's Fingerprint

5.4.2008 Today our dear Venda is having her 4-year-old birthday! Congratulation to our big girl!

2.4.2008 Ultra sound proved - Raisa is pregnant! Our X-litter is definitely on the way. This litter is expected to be born at week 19.

Raisa, Duvinal O'Hara Optimara

31.3.2008 Mating has happened. Didaktic's Dea Dia has been mated with Djoyful Djoy Got To Go. Didaktic's H-litter expected to be born at week 22.

Demi & Kauko

19.3.2008 Didaktic's Dea Dia has started her heat. One step closer to our H-litter.

16.3.2008 Our Wiwi keeps on going strong! Today at Tampere INT Show among 93 entered MinPin she was 2nd Best Bitch with res-CAC and res-CACIB. More results here.

15.3.2008 More good health news. Our Veikka (A'Dreams Black Thunder) was at special vet for eye examination for third time in his life: 0/0 no signs of hereditary eye diseases!

In February Finnish Kennel Club awarded Veikka with his 10th title NORD CH - he really is so special boy for us!

13.3.2008 Finnish Kennel Club official confirmation: Didaktic's Arana; hips A/A, elbows 0/0 - JIHAAA!!!

9.3.2008 Love is in the air! Order has delivered about Didaktic's X-litter. This litter will be done in co-operation with Kennel Aurra Sing - thank you Marika for giving us this oportunity!

Parents of our expecting X-litter: Duvinal O'Hara Optimara & Djoyfull Djoy Got To Go
(picture: M. Lehtonen)

8.3.2008 Didaktic's Arana, "Hi-Likka" hips and elbows have been examined. According to our vet everything looks healthy and OK. Now we are waiting for official result from Finnish Kennel Club.

27.2.2008 We have updated our puppy plans for 2008.

24.2.2008 Nice weekend with lot's of outdoor activities. Take a look!

Our girls enjoying winterday

16.2.2008 Didaktic's Diva To Greatman, "KERTTU" was at special vet for eye examination and result was: HEALTHY! At the same time Kerttu's grandmother Greatman's Godlike-Gina (age 9 years) was examined healthy as well. Thank you Pia for taking Kerttu and Impi to examination!

9.2.2008 Last night I arrive home from Tallinn, Estonia. We had excellent show there. Our Wiwi was BOS and she got CAC and CACIB. It was nice to meet our Baltic friends again.

Thank you Marika for this wonderful girl - she is like a good wine that gets better and better among years And she is only two! I just wonder how good she can be.

Our Wiwi - Aurra Sing Wicked Witch

5.2.2008 Breathtaking head and expression! Yesterday I got new pictures about our Veikka's daughter, A'Dreams Black Idea. Dea is owned by Kennel Sant Kreal, Russia.

3.2.2008 Today at Eno group show our Veera's son, A'Dreams Black Kaptain, Diego, was CAC and BOS! Congratulations Diego, Raisa and Klasu. Veera will be mated again this year with intresting young male from Denmark. Read more.

Diego at age of 1½ years

31.1.2008 Last night our local Schnauzer Pinscher Club arrange show training. Our 5½ month old Iines was there and I must say that Heli has done marvelous job with her! Look for yourself - Didaktic's Fingerprint.

26.1.2008 Nice news from Turku INT Dog Show. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Dea Dia ROCKS!

19.1.2008 Today we visited special vet for eye and knee examination with super good results: all our excamined dogs are proven healthy and fit for breeding!
A'Dreams Black Orchid: eyes 0/0
Didaktic's Donatello: eyes 0/0, knees 0/0
Didaktic's Arana: eyes 0/0, knees 0/0
Didaktic's Fingerprint: eyes 0/0 (she is too young for official knee examination)
Thank you Reetta, Kiti and Heli for bringing your dogs into examination!

16.1.2008 New pictures about the dam of our becoming H-litter, Didaktic's Dea Dia. We are waiting Demi's heat to begin in March.

Didaktic's Dea Dia, 17 months

13.1.2008 Our Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch) is now 2 years! Thank you Marika for this spicy lady who is always so full of attitude and positive spirit. She is everyting I could ever dream on.

ESTJW-07 ESTW-07 Aurra Sing Wicked Witch

9.1.2008 New picture of our beautiful Didaktic's Arana (Hi-Likka)

Didaktic's Arana

7.1.2008 Weekend we spent in Northern Finland at Haukipudas. Veikka had agility training camp there with high merited agility trainers Mari Kaplas and Mikko Aaltonen. Great to see how well Veikka and Heli have developed!

During our stay in north we met Didaktic's Fenix, "Tiko" and his family. Tiko have developped so nicely and he was very charming and nice boy!

Didaktic's Fenix, 4½ months

4.1.2008 Happy New Year to you all!
We spent new year at sunny Canary Islands. Lots of sun, windsurfing and swimming. Thank you Laura for taking so good care of our dogs!

We proudly present the sire of our becoming Miniature Pinscher G-litter.