30.12.2009 The year draws to a close. We have had a good year with good health, good results and nice moments. We want to thank you all who have make our year memorable! We hope that new year starts with nice puppie news of our Z-litter. Our Veikka had also female visitor just before Christmas. Hopefully there will be a MinPin litter on the way to Kennel Zaron.

THE BEST moment of 2009 - Wiwi's BIS-1 Thanks Marika!

14.12.2009 Last show from this year is now over. We had really good results in Kelpies and from MinPin side the sire of our future Z-litter A'Dreams Black Janco become NORDJW'09. Read more from results.

7.12.2009 Mating has happened! One step foward to our becoming Z-litter.

23.11.2009 Super Show Weekend is over with great results! Saturday we had INT show in Jyväskylä, Sunday there where Australian Kelpie Specialty and one of our breeding was also shown in Zagreb INT Show. On top of this all we got new Champion: FI & EE CH Didaktic's Aquarius and new CAC-winner Didaktic's Bette Midler. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Bette Midler
EXC1 BB2 CAC from Kelpie Specialty'09

10.11.2009 Nice news from INT Show, Holland. Read more from results.

8.11.2009 Great news from Denmark! Our Veikka's daughter Stjärflockens Finlandia hit the jackpot by being BB1 CAC CACIB BOS and DANISH WINNER'09. Huge congratulations Karin and Maria!

7.11.2009 Our Wiwi scored big in agility! Read more from results.

25.10.2009 Didaktic's Aquarius charmed all in Character Test by showing that beauty, brains and cabability to function can fit into same package. Congratulations Kirsi and Ahti! Read more from results.

Didaktic's Aquarius training obedience.
Look what a style! Picture: Maikku Mönkkönen

18.10.2009 Another Didaktic's kelpie debuted in obedience today - congratulations Kiti & Hi-Likka! Read more from results.

17.10.2009 We have new EE CAC winner. Read more from results.

12.10.2009 One step foward on our becoming Z-litter.

4.10.2009 Great news from SSPK 2nd Specalty, A'Dreams Black Janco, the sire of our planned Z-litter was BOB. So our Z-litter will be combination of two Specialty Show BOB winners - exciting! Congratulations Suvi and Janco!

29.9.2009 We had really nice weekend in Räyskälä where we had our yearly Didaktic's camp... lovelly dogs, good friends, training, socializing, food and wine... What more you can ask! Read more about our training camp (only in finnish).

22.9.2009 What a trip! We arrive home from Denmark with three new titles for our Wiwi. Read more from results.

15.9.2009 Planning is over! We proudly present our combination of Z-litter:

13.9.2009 Our A-girls have had good weekend - Kata & Kila AVO1 in Obedience Competition! Congaratulations Kata & Kila!
Read more from results.

12.9.2009 We are the champions... Hi-Likka passed mentaltest today with flying colours. She is now: FI & EE CH Didaktic's Arana. Congratulations Kiti & Hilu - job well done! Read more from results.

6.9.2009 Super weekend! Wiwi received TWO qualifying score in agility competitions during the weekend! Excellent news also from Vantaa Dog Show. Read more from results.

31.8.2009 Results from weekend.

27.8.2009 New pictures about our beautiful 7-month-old Kelpie-girls Wänni and Demi.

25.8.2009 Wiwi was responsible about the great surprise during weekend - Susa and Wiwi got SILVER in Miniature Pinschers Finnish Agility Championships 2009! Read more from results.

17.8.2009 I spent nice weekend in Oslo Norway. It was great fun to meet our friends from Norway and Sweden. I also met our Falcon who lives over there. What a handsome boy he is. Show was a bit disapointment but this is the name of the game ;-D Read more from results.

Hannaleena with our globetrotters

13.8.2009 Didaktic's F-litter will be 2 years today. Congratulations to Falcon, Fingerprint and Fenix! Your angel-brother Fahrenheit will be watching us...

10.8.2009 Second Didaktic's Kelpie passed Pysical durability test (ADpr). Read more from results.

9.8.2009 Our B-boys Didaktic's Bob Marley "Keiko" and Bon Jovi, "Koda" debuted in Helsinki Puppy Show with excellent results BIG-3 puppy!

Keiko & Koda

New picture about our almost 2-year old Didaktic's Fingerprint, "Iines".

Iines (left) with her uncle Veikka

8.8.2009 Results from weekend shows.

5.8.2009 New picture about our handsome Didaktic's Billy Joe

4.8.2009 Wiwi's beautiful daughter Didaktic's Wanda aka Wia stop by yesterday - and sure we took some pictures :-D New pictures also in Wiwi's gallery.

Didaktic's Wanda, 6 months

3.8.2009 Our Veera is now 6 years old - congratulations to my darling Veera!

Really nice agility results from weekend. Kiti & Hi-Likka won MAXI-1 competition with clear course - excellent work!

Didaktic's Arana

28.7.2009 New Pictures about Didaktic's kelpies Bob Marley, Bette Midler, Bon Jovi and MinPin Didaktic's Xcalibur.

21.7.2009 Finally we have published the sire to our C-litter (Australian Kelpie).

Didaktic's Winnetou started his show career in Belgium by being 2 x BOB-baby. Read more from results.

Sire of our becoming C-litter:
Midimys Mirakel

12.7.2009 Wiwi continue her succes - today BOB in Laukaa Show. Also other nice results from weekends shows. Read more from results.
New picture about our handsome youngsters - this time in the spotlight five-month-old Didaktic's Bob Marley.
Didaktics Bob Marley, 5 months

10.7.2009 New pictures about five-month-old Didaktic's Warrior - what a gorgeous guy!

5.7.2009 Didaktic's Xcalibur was JUN EXC1 BM1 CAC BOS in Hyvinkää Dog Show today. Congratulations Hannaleena and Noel! In Kokkola INT our Veikka's son A'Dreams Black Ilex got his last CAC and became FI CH - congratulations!

"Noel" - Didaktic's Xcalibur

30.6.2009 Didaktic's Xcalibur was examined by special vet - eyes and knees healthy!

13.6.2009 Veikka and Heli did excellent track in Agility Finnish Championship 2009 Team Competition as a member of Jyväskylä Agility Team (JAT). See video from results.

6.6.2009 Finnish Schnauzer-Pinscher Specialty: Our pride and joy Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch) made history by being BIS-1 in speciality. Read all about eventful weekend from results.

Wiwi with Susa and her breeder/handler Marika Lehtonen. Wiwi made amazing comaback in to the showrings after her first litter. Words can not describe how happy I am about this spicy lady - thank you Marika!

3.6.2009 New puppy plans for 2009 - 2010 published.

Dams of our future litters: Aurra Sing Wicked Witch, Sant Kreal Venezia and Didaktic's Arana

28.5.2009 Didaktic's H-litter will be one year today - CONGRATULATION KIDS!

H-litter at age of three weeks - is it already a year...

26.5.2009 New picture about our princess in Switzerland:Didaktic's Wichita.

25.5.2009 Results from Aptus INT Show from Helsinki. EXCellent day to us. New picture from Didaktic's Xcalibur.

Our Sant Kreal Venezia examinend eyes and knees healthy.

Susa and Didaktic's Xcalibur in Aptus Show

21.5.2009 Our Kelpies have slog plenty of good results today. Didaktic's Aquarius and Kirsi passed Physical Durability Test (ADpr.) in Hyvikää and Ahti's litter sister Didaktic's Arana was the Best of Breed in Jämsä - boy I am proud of our beautifull and hard working Kelpies!

Mother and daughter: Bestseller Domino with her daughter Didaktic's Arana

19.5.2009 Today we visit at special vet to do the official eye and knee examination to Wiwi and Nitro (D Xenom). Wiwi was examined third time healthy and Nitro at her first time - healthy eyes and knees!
New pictures about our W-sisters: Didaktic's Wanda & Wichita.
Didaktic's Wanda, "Wia" - cheer on her mom-Wiwi
at Jyväskylä agility competition.

17.5.2009 Another activity weekend. Thank you all who have been active with your Didaktic's puppy. Plenty of good results - fron shows and training field. New pictures about Didaktic's Harley Davidson and Xenom.

Didaktic's Xenom, 12 months
from Varkaus Show

14.5.2009 Updated: Didaktic's Heaven Sent, Didaktic's Arana, Agility-page

Four months old Didaktic's Wichita sends
greetings from her vacation in Spain.

11.5.2009 Excelent, excelent result in agility and show fields! The brightest star was our Hi-Likka (D Arana) with Kiti. They competed in agility and did fast, clear and beautifull track with 0 result! Wiwi debuted also in agility with podium placement and good clear track.
Demi (D Dea Dia) and her daughter Neve (D Heaven Sent) got excellent results from Harjavalta Show. Read all about our action weekend from results.

New pictures about Didaktic's Bette Midler and Bon Jovi.

9.5.2009 Didaktic's Aquarius and Kirsi continues excellent work in obedience: second 1. result within one week. Read more from results.

6.5.2009 Excellent, excellent news from Riihimäki. Kirsi and Ahti (D Aquarius) has been in their first official obedience competition with great results - 181 points with HP and first placement among 19 dogs. Congratulations Kirsi & Ahti!

Didaktic's Aquarius

6.5.2009 Didaktic's X-litter is now 1-year-old. CONGRATULATION kids!
New picture about our 13 weeks old Wia (Didaktic's Wanda)

4.5.2009 What a eventfull weekend! Our Wiwi made history on Saturday by being the first MinPin in who passed official MH-test in Finland.
On Sunday Didaktic's Alfa Centauri passed Finnish Character Test in Akaa - now he is only one CAC away from FIN CH.
New pictures of our princess: Didaktic's Beyoncé, 3 months.

Wiwi with still few pounds extra after her puppies
- we are working on that :-D

26.4.2009 Didaktic's Donatello started his agility year with great results.

Didaktic's Dea Dia, DEMI

13.4.2009 New site to our B-litter and new pictures about Didaktic's Bob Marley, Bon Jovi, Billy Joe, Bette Midler and Beyoncé.

Didaktic's Bob Marley, 11 weeks

6.4.2009 New pictures about Warrior, Winnetou and Wanda. W-litters own site.

Didaktic's Wanda, "WIA"

5.4.2009 Our kelpie Venda is today 5-years-old. Congratulations to our dear shepherd! We got some great news from Kouvola Special Show for MinPins: our Veikka's son A'Dreams Black Bentley was BOS and Veikka's grand daughter Greatman's Qaunis-Qukka BOB over 122 MinPins. I am really happy about Veikka's excellent ofspring!

1.4.2009 Own sites to our W-puppies:
Warrior, Winnetou, Wichita and Wanda.

27.3.2009 Puppy diary's final update.
New pictures in puppy diary and about D Heaven Sent and D Beyoncé.

Didaktic's Heaven Sent, 10 months

19.3.2009 New pictures in our puppy diary. Results from Tampere INT.

Didaktic's Bette Midler, "Wänni"

11.3.2009 New pictures in our puppy diary

6.3.2009 New pictures in our puppy diary. Also new pose pictures about our W-litter.

B-kelpie with his toy

4.3.2009 New pictures in our puppy diary.

Didaktic's Heaven Sent, 9 months


2.3.2009 New pictures in our puppy diary. Our Wiwi climb up to be 5th in MinPin of the year competition. Huge congratulations to the father of our H & X litter, Djoyfull Djoy Got To Go, who won the whole competition.

Didaktic's Beyoncé, 5 weeks

26.2.2009 Puppies, puppies, puppies... That's all we can fit into our lives at the moment. New individual pictures about them all: B-litter & W-litter. I also updated Puppy diary.

22.2.2009 After a while our puppy diary has been updated.

One of our Wiwi's daughter

15.2.2009 Didaktic's Xcalibur debuted in Junior Class - Read more from results.

14.2.2009 Happy Valentine's Day! I spent Valentine's Day in Tallinn International Dog Show. We hit a jackpot with Didaktic's Kelpies over there: Didaktic's Arana The Best of Breed and Didaktic's Aquarius the Best of Opposite Sex! Read more from results.

Me with the victorious Didaktic's Arana and Aquarius after the show in Tallinn, Estonia

9.2.2009 New pictures in our Puppy diary. There are now few lines in English as well.

3.2.2009 New pictures in our Puppy diary.

Wiwi is enjoying her kids

29.1.2009 Didaktic's W-litter is born!

W-litter, 2 hours old

26.1.2009 Didaktic's B-litter is born!

B-litter, 9 hours old

25.1.2009 Great news from Turku INT, sire of our becoming W-litter, Golan Me Beit Hamaayan, is now FI CH - Congratulations! Read more from results.

24.1.2009 Today we had really nice visitors when Tiina and Jalo (Didaktic's Harley Davidson) dropped by. Jalo has turn out to be a really stunner!

Didaktic's Harley Davidson, 8 months

24.1.2009 Pentuepäiväkirja aloitettu. Puppydiary started (sorry only in Finnish).

19.1.2009 Didaktic's Xenom and Xclusive debuted in Lahti Dog Show with excellent results by being BOB & BOS puppies! Read more from results.

17.1.2009 We are back home from sunny island of Cape Verde. At home there where two fat ladies. We took new pictures about our pregnant moms Wiwi and Venda.

Venda waiting for pups

4.1.2009 Happy New Year dear friends!
We are heading south to get some sun and be prepared for litters to come. Next a couple of weeks you can find us here:

Kap Verde - Santa Maria

Didaktic's litters at 2009:

Miniature Pinscher
Didaktic's W-litter
Aurra Sing Wicked Witch

Australian Kelpie
Didaktic's B-litter
Bestseller Domino