to all our friends! This year instead of Christmas Cards we made donation to Finnish Federation for the Animal Welfare Association.

kaikille ystävillemme ja kasvattiemme perheille! Tänä vuonna joulukorttien sijaan teimme lahjoituksen Suomen eläinsuojeluyhdistysten liitolle.

17.12.2010 New pictures about our Russian prince, Semper Ante Kind of Magic

Maxim at age of 4 months

15.12.2010 We have updated pur puppy plans. In Australian Kelpies we will have two litters at the end of 2011 and begining of 2012. At the moment we are searching interesting males for our bitches. In Miniature Pinschers there will be one or two litters in 2011. Here you can folow our puppy plans as they will be completed.

If you want to have a puppy from us please make early inquiries. Normally all our litters are well spoken for before they are even born.

13.12.2010 Excellent health results in both breeds: Didaktic's Harley Davidson and Didaktic's Beyoncé - eyes and knees HEALTHY! We have participate Helsinki Winner Show. Read more from Result-page.

9.12.2010 Didaktic's boys from our B-litter have distinguish themselves in obedience and agility. Read more Result-page.

28.11.2010 Our C-litter show débuts continues... This time Capo - Didaktic's Captain Morgan was BOB-puppy in Tampere! Read more Result-page.

22.11.2010 What a beautiful expresion!

Didaktic's Cuba Libre, "Chili" - 6 months

17.11.2010 Our Wiwi has eye excamined fourth time HEALTHY!

15.11.2010 The entire Didaktic's australiankelpie B-litter is now MH-tested. I think that is the first tested kelpie litter in Finland. Thank you all!
On show groung we have some nice results from Jyväskylä INT. On top of all that Didaktic's Bob Marley debuted in agility with good results - congratulations to Tia, Mia and Keiko.

7.11.2010 Didaktic's Colonel Collins made his show début. Read more from our Result-page.

6.11.2010 We have new Miniature Pinscher in our team: Semper Ante Kind of Magic, "Maxim". Thank you Galina for this fine boy! Maxim is co-own with Hannaleena and he will be living together with our Noel. Thank you Hannaleena for this oportunity and co-operation!
Australian Kelpie Ahti & Kirsi competed in Search with excellent results. Read more.

Semper Ante Kind of Magic

31.10.2010 All our B-litter Australian Kelpies have been examined healthy from hips and elbows. Last but not least was Didaktic's Bette Midler: hips: A/A and elbows 0/0. Thank you all for examing you dogs - it means lot to us and for the breed. Results from Lahti.

Didaktic's Bette Midler

24.10.2010 Our girl in Switzerland opened her CAC account in Lausanne INT Show. Read more from Results.

10.10.2010 Kirsi and Ahti (Didaktic's Aquarius) keep on scoring super results. Today 1st place in Obedience competition and TK2 - congratulations! Read more from our Result-page.

25.9.2010 Didaktic's history was made today when Kirsi Lankola and Ahti (Didaktic's Aquarius) scored in Search Competition - HK1. Congratulations, you are simply the best!

HK1 Didaktic's Aquarius

20.9.2010 Didaktic's Wichita has passed Breeding Examination (Ankörung) in Switzerland with flying colours - congratulations Sonja & Wichita!

Wichita's halfbrother Didaktic's Zippo, 7 months

18.9.2010 Didaktic's Bob Marley's result came from FKC: Elbows 0/0, Hips A/A!
C-puppies have got their own web-pages.

Didaktic's Arana with her mushroom catch

14.9.2010 Last weekend we had our 4th annual Didaktic's Date - read more.

4.9.2010 Amazing weekend for our A-litter kelpies. They have worked hard in show, obedience and agility. From show we have new Finnish Champion, FI CH Didaktic's Alfa Centauri. In obedience TK2 Didaktic's Aurora and in agility super fast class winner with clear run Didaktic's Arana. Oh boy I am so proud of you!
Read more from our Result-page.

1.9.2010 We have three new MH-tested kelpies: Didaktic's Bob Marley, Bon Jovi and Bette Midler - congratulations! Read more from our Result-page.

From left 4-month-old Didaktic's Cuba Libre and his sister Cosmopolitan

22.8.2010 We have NEW CHAMPION!
Didaktic's Xcalibur is now FI & S & EE CH.
Read more from our Result-page.

10.8.2010 Results from Kuopio INT updated in Result-page.

Sunday's 2nd Best Male (with res-CACIB):
Didaktic's Xcalibur

1.8.2010 On Friday we found out that Nitro was not pregnant so Didaktic's T-litter will be expected at spring 2011.
Excellent news from show and obedience competition. Read more from our Result-page.

Summer fun by Didaktic's Bob Marley
Picture: Tollerwich.com

21.7.2010 New pictures about our handsome Didaktic's Xclusive.

Didaktic's Xclusive - 2 years

18.7.2010 What a weekend! In kelpies we got BOB and BOS and Miniature Pinscher new Champion when Didaktic's Xcalibur became S CH. Read more from our Result-page.

Susa with BOS Didaktic's Bette Midler and BOB Didaktic's Aquarius

1.7.2010 Didaktic's Billy Joe - healthy hips & elbows!

30.6.2010 Amazing weekend in Denmark! Read more from our Result-page.
While I was away our Veikka had lady visitor. Countdown for Didaktic's T-litter has started.
Kelpie Didaktic's Beyoncé was examined healthy from hips and elbows.
New pictures about Wiwi's handsome son Didaktic's Zippo:
Didaktic's Zippo - 5 months

27.6.2010 Wiwi is WORLD WINNER 2010.

21.6.2010 Pictures about our new champion Didaktic's Xcalibur and new puppypictures updated in diary.

20.6.2010 NEW CHAMPION!
Didaktic's Xcalibur finnished his FI CH title with style by being BOB in Rovaniemi INT. Congratulations Hannaleena and Noel! Read more from results.

We are planing litter (Didaktic's T-litter) to Noel's littersister Didaktic's Xenom. Mating should happen in week 28.

Puppy diary updated!

19.6.2010 Puppy diary updated! New picture about fast and furious Didaktic's Zelda

9.6.2010 Puppy diary updated!

6.6.2010 Excellent final for our show turné: BOB, BOB-breeder and several nice placements. Todays queen was Demi - D Beyoncé. Read more about our results.

Noora, Demi and Susa

5.6.2010 Our Kelpies Bon Jovi and Bette Midler keeps on rocking! Read more about results.

4.6.2010 Puppy diary updated!
New pictures about our double-CAC-winner Didaktic's Bette Midler:

31.5.2010 Excellent weekend with super results, good company and beautiful dogs! I was travelling with Veikka and Wiwi. Other Didaktic's dogs on rings where: Xcalibur, Heaven Sent, Wanda and kelpie Bette Midler - thank you all!

Read more from results-page.
Puppy diary updated!

27.5.2010 Puppy diary updated! Congratulations to Didaktic's H-litter on their 2-year birthday!

24.5.2010 Didaktic's Aquarius and his owner/handler Kirsi Lankola have made Finnish kelpie history: Ahti participated and passed Swedish Mental Test for working dogs (MT) and Herding Inclination Test during the same day in Sweden last weekend. Ahti is the first Finnish bred kelpie who have passed these test!

"Winner feeling" - commented Ahti!

20.5.2010 First puppy out of our B-litter has been examined healthy from hips and elbows: Didaktic's Bon Jovi.
Puppy diary updated.

16.5.2010 Puppy diary updated. Nice results from home and abroad.

13.5.2010 Didaktic's C-litter is now one week old. Puppy diary updated.

12.5.2010 Puppy diary updated.

10.5.2010 New pictures about Didaktic's Hurricane and Didaktic's Fenix.

9.5.2010 Puppy diary updated.

8.5.2010 Excellent show news from Germany: NL J CH Didaktic's Winnetou is now VDH-Europajugendsieger 2010!
Congratulations Els & Yvan!

7.5.2010 Didaktic's Warrior examined by spacialist - eyes and knees healthy. Thank you Essi for examining Ivan.
Puppy diary updated.

6.5.2010 Didaktic's C-litter is BORN - diary updated!
Didaktic's X-litter is now 2-years old! Congratulations to Nitro, Noel and Elmo!

3.5.2010 C-litter diary updated.

2.5.2010 Didaktics Bob Marley and his owner/handler Tia Artela debuted today in obedience with super results. Read more from results-site.

Sisu and Elsa from our Z-litter visit us today:
Didaktic's Zippo & Didaktic's Zelda

1.5.2010 Happy May Day! C-litter diary updated.

28.4.2010 Yesterday our dear Veikka celebrate his 8th birthday - now he is officially in veteran class.
C-litter diary updated.

17.4.2010 Didaktics Billy Joe The Best of Breed in Sysmä Dog Show! Read more from results. C-litter diary updated.

Hi-Likka, 41 days from mating

15.4.2010 New pictures about our handsome Didaktics Dea Dia and her daughter Didaktic's Heaven Sent.

12.4.2010 New pictures about our handsome Didaktics Xcalibur and Didaktic's Harley Davidson. C-litter diary updated. New results added.

Didaktic's Xcalibur

9.4.2010 C-litter diary updated.

8.4.2010 New results added. I made new page to our previous co-owned bitches: The past.

7.4.2010 Didaktic's C-litter own diary started today!

1.4.2010 Kelpie Hi-Likka is strongly pregnant! There where several embryos visible in ultra sound. Read more about becoming Didaktic's C-litter. Despite the date - this is not April Fool :-D

30.3.2010 Z-litter's diary updated for the last time and all puppies got their personal pages under Didaktic's dogs - Z-litter.

Coco chill-out in her new home :-)

24.3.2010 New pictures about our 7-week-old Z-litter

21.3.2010 Great day again in Tampere! Didaktic's Wanda won her second CAC in a month. Read more from results.

Didaktic's Wanda
(CH Aurra Sing Wicked Witch - CH Golan Me Beit Hamaayan)

20.3.2010 Didaktic's Beyoncé CAC winner today in Tampere INT Show. Read more from results. Z-litter's diary updated!

15.3.2010 The sire of our Z-litter is now also LTU & LV J CH, LTUJW'10 - Congratulations Suvi & Janco. Z-puppies visited doctor today - Z-litter's diary updated!

8.3.2010 We have new champion:
NL J CH Didaktic's Winnetou. Read more from results.

6.3.2010 Mating has happened:
Didaktic's C-litter
. Z-litter's diary updated!

4.3.2010 New pictures about our Z-litter

1.3.2010 Z-litter's diary updated! Changes into our puppy plans: Didaktic's C-litter.

AUST CH Ballare Stukova

25.2.2010 Z-litter's diary updated!

21.2.2010 Didaktic's Wanda BOS in Tuusniemi. Read more from results.
Z-litter's diary updated!

19.2.2010 Z-litter's diary updated!

18.2.2010 New picture about Didaktic's Hugo Boss. Our Z-litter is now a bit over two weeks. Z-litter's diary updated!

13.2.2010 Show result from Estonia. Z-litter's diary updated!

Z-litter is now 11 days old.
All puppies are reserved!

8.2.2010 Show result from Holland. Z-litter's diary updated!

7.2.2010 Z-litter's diary updated!

5.2.2010 Z-litter's diary updated (new pictures and video).

4.2.2010 Yesterday we visit to eye spacialist and got really good news: A'Dreams Black Thunder was examined fourth times and still all healthy (and he will be 8-years in April). That confirms that he will be the sire of our T-litter later on this year. Other results: Didaktic's Wanda; healthy eyes and knees, Didaktic's Bette Midler, healthy eyes and knees. And mother of our X-litter, Duvinal O'Hara Optimara healthy eyes.

Z-litter's diary updated:

2.2.2010 Z-litter is born -diary updated.

1.2.2010 Results from Finland and abroad. Z-litter's diary updated.

Results of Finnish Schnauzer-Pinscher Club's "MinPin of the Year" competition have been announced. Our Wiwi (Aurra Sing Wicked Witch) is the most succesful b&t Miniature Pincher bitch in Finland 2009!!!

29.1.2010 Z-litter's diary updated.

Our W-litter is 1-year old! Congratulations to Wia, Wichita, Ivan and Winnetou. This is how you looked like one year ago:

26.1.2010 Our B-litter is 1-year-old! Congratulations to Wänni, Demi, Koda, Keiko and Milo - big hug! Here is the picture how you looked like excactly one year ago:

25.1.2010 Didaktic's Arana scored in Kemi, agility competition and she moved up to MAXI-II class. Read more from results.
Z-litter's diary updated.

18.1.2010 Z-litter's diary updated.

17.1.2010 Excellent start for our show year: Didaktic's Billy Joe debuted in Lahti Show being EXC1 BD2 res-CAC with really good critique - congratulations Tuija & Milou! Results.

12.1.2010 Today I started Puppy Diary to our Z-litter. Due the limited amount of time it is now only in Finnish. I try to translate it later on. Z-litter's diary.

39 days from mating

5.1.2010 Excellent, excellent start of this year - Wiwi is strongly pregnant! So we are one step further towards our Z-litter.

BISS & C.I.B. & FI & DK & EE CH
EEJW-07, EEW-07, KBHW-09, FinnSG, MH, AGI-2
Aurra Sing Wicked Witch has been mated with young NORDJW-09 A'Dreams Black Janco. In the picture Wiwi is 29 days from mating.